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Are warlocks powerful

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I personally still think they are the most useful char on arena. 

With high dmg and best crowd control in game, they own most enemies unless it's a bd with 800dmg. 

Against bd's casters are just screwed. Of course you can always kite ;D

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If played well, warlock is pretty op and can easily defeat bd.


Warlocks are still one of the best classes in arena.

Well yeah, but you really need room to kite


Against druid with full stun, no problem as long as u know what to do

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Warlocks are op when they're in a group fight with many people, but in 1v1, especially against another ranged class they die pretty easily.

How did you got this conclusion son?  :nea:


Warlocks are op vs all classes except druids because druid also has many stuns :3

Say "HI!" after update to the new broken class :crazy:, wonder why devs don't give Druids a passive heal tho, like 300hp at every 5 seconds :fool:, cause why not?    :rofl:

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But in this new update, locks will be "dot damager". Why? Thx of relics. Exhaust will drain more amd better, aslp can crit many times. Fear and circle can last longer. Exhaust can even silence (relic has 10% chance to silence for 4-5 secs. Exhaust deal 3 ticks. Thats 30% chance to silence)

Ans pool? Pool has a relic, that low enemy def by 25%!!!!! Pool has 5 ticks, 5*10% chance to active is 50% chance. Gtimo 4/4 its 80% less mdef. No need to calculate a lot, u will deal too much dmg coz op penetration. So, why up arrow, when u cam drain and deal too much dmg just using dots?

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