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  1. New event is fully mess...for 2hours nobody can understand what is going on..please explain how its supposd to be made...
  2. Locks are MLG 360 quickscope OG bruh... idk where is the problem with shadoe sphere and hex..both are amazing in pvp :>
  3. Life Exhaust is waste of skill points dont upgrade it
  4. Alright look...power of relaxation is NOT for pvp its pve skill when your in dungeon and u dont tank ofc...I think that this skill is sick bcoz it adds 40-60dmg + 2%crit for unlimited time soo I think its better to buy that than graimore (that's my personal opinion) so its not useless
  5. Higg I understand you mate...but there will always be a guy like hassn and aoa that will waste scrolls staminas and will waste more money on the game like a rich camel....anyway I just said that if you dont wanna spam new dung then Devs are gonna be the last...if not...one of the last people on this planet that will actually care...yes new dung is hard asf but we cant do anything than cry on forum hoping for a response by atleast one of the Devs...anyway I AM with your idea but im also 75% sure that Devs are not going to do anything about it...huh if they make it possible to be spammed then ill give you free beer :3 good luck
  6. Guys...its waste of time to talk with GM...they dont care about ur problems (I experienced it by myself)
  7. So I finally decided to put video in this part of the forum,,,soo enjoy https://youtube.com/watch?v=mbn7ul4j6As
  8. Why so mad Mr. Jacob Sortorious u delet every my comment that u cant reply huh why u mad bro? Bruh...
  9. Guys u just need to know that my girlfriend Selena Gomez will participate in the contest with my account...I hope that's not a big problem...she dont play warspear bcoz selena is busy with tours, partys and other things...
  10. Better level up save gold and get good armor and wepon from dealer...that's my way
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