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  1. So eventually you agree with me Kelv, PvP game under PvE mask
  2. Hi Warspear community, I won't talk much about this update, what I want to say is about old times/players. I was wondering isn't is possible to make a server running on a old version of warspear? Like v3.4.4 or so? Where skill really mattered? I would love to start all over again if there were like: sun/moon/dark/astral damage, max lv 20, arena items lv17, i just miss those times, please do take this humble opinion from an old loyal player in consideration P.S. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who want this!
  3. I simply don't get it guys, they said update will be next week, announcement was on 13/09/2016 + 7 days = 20/09/2016 so yesterday was one week, they didn't said: "The update will be in one week" they said: "The update will be next week" so it can be even on 27/09/2016, just be patient and enjoy game until update, is it so hard? Go and focus making GP/Farm lab/Kronus anything else just don't F G ask "update today?/when will be update?"
  4. Just keep this post in mind or make a screenshot and when you will see ppl complaining post it
  5. What staff do you use and how amped is it? If you have a staff like +7/8 and a good internet connection you can easily go for: 1/5 arrow 5/5 dark circle 3/5 fear. If you haven't got a good internet connection go for: 1/5 arrow 3/5 dark circle 5/5 fear. But if you really want to go for upgrading arrow you can go for: 3/5 arrow 3/5 dark circle 3/5 fear. And about life exhaust, I won't go for it for 2 reasons: 1. It can be dodged, many high lv rogues have like 35-40% dodge so you got a pretty big chance to get the damage dodged. 2. It heals by a specified % of damage dealt
  6. How did you got this conclusion son? Say "HI!" after update to the new broken class , wonder why devs don't give Druids a passive heal tho, like 300hp at every 5 seconds , cause why not?
  7. Damn true son, you made me proud of being a warlock
  8. I used around 30 sets for my lv24 staff guess i was lucky
  9. It was the fastest explanation possible, he have a topic where he introduce us Daria though so who ever is curious can read there
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