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  1. So eventually you agree with me Kelv, PvP game under PvE mask
  2. Hi Warspear community, I won't talk much about this update, what I want to say is about old times/players. I was wondering isn't is possible to make a server running on a old version of warspear? Like v3.4.4 or so? Where skill really mattered? I would love to start all over again if there were like: sun/moon/dark/astral damage, max lv 20, arena items lv17, i just miss those times, please do take this humble opinion from an old loyal player in consideration P.S. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who want this!
  3. I simply don't get it guys, they said update will be next week, announcement was on 13/09/2016 + 7 days = 20/09/2016 so yesterday was one week, they didn't said: "The update will be in one week" they said: "The update will be next week" so it can be even on 27/09/2016, just be patient and enjoy game until update, is it so hard? Go and focus making GP/Farm lab/Kronus anything else just don't F G ask "update today?/when will be update?"
  4. Just keep this post in mind or make a screenshot and when you will see ppl complaining post it
  5. What staff do you use and how amped is it? If you have a staff like +7/8 and a good internet connection you can easily go for: 1/5 arrow 5/5 dark circle 3/5 fear. If you haven't got a good internet connection go for: 1/5 arrow 3/5 dark circle 5/5 fear. But if you really want to go for upgrading arrow you can go for: 3/5 arrow 3/5 dark circle 3/5 fear. And about life exhaust, I won't go for it for 2 reasons: 1. It can be dodged, many high lv rogues have like 35-40% dodge so you got a pretty big chance to get the damage dodged. 2. It heals by a specified % of damage dealt so you need to have a high amped staff and life exhaust minimum 3/5 but in my opinion those skill points can be used on better and more useful skills. Hope this will help you!
  6. How did you got this conclusion son? Say "HI!" after update to the new broken class , wonder why devs don't give Druids a passive heal tho, like 300hp at every 5 seconds , cause why not?
  7. Damn true son, you made me proud of being a warlock
  8. I used around 30 sets for my lv24 staff guess i was lucky
  9. It was the fastest explanation possible, he have a topic where he introduce us Daria though so who ever is curious can read there
  10. Not trolling Just show my appreciation for reply so fast, we still not use to this
  11. Daria, if you kind enough please do reply to this post and clarify some things I struggle to understand: 1. Does the game is based on PvP or PvE? 2. Are the skills designed for PvE or for PvP? Will we see in near future some "pure PvP skills" or some "pure PvE skills"? 3. If the game is based on PvE why don't we have for example: Arena tickets drop?* *(answer only if the game is based on PvE)* 4. Are the devs aware of many bugs which currently are present in game? Here are just few of them (As I am playing as a warlock here are some which I think are most common met on warlock): Dark circle fail, life exhaust dodged (this doesn't seem normal for me); and many others in contact with different players: BD Hamstring from map1 , Rogue gouge fail, map positioning bug (most annoying one, after bd's hamstring) , shaman's quake fail, etc. 5. Haloween event date will be as usual? 6. The new changes will affect the quality of the gameplay as we know it? That's it for now! Thanks in advance.
  12. I think is fine as it is, shaman shield doesn't work different though... Like BD's counter... But idk, we'll see in game how this will improve pvp and pve..
  13. Why do you think bds get nerfed Jul? Because u need - pardon me - brain to play on it? Why do you think most of elfs have a bd? Now maybe you will need a brain in order to build your class, before was absolutely rubish, 5/6k dmg in one combo, that's not how an old and pro player would play...
  14. Well yes but tell me honestly: do you think is normal to hit 300 (or even worse from 50/60 hp from pool or life exhaust) and countered 2k+ as a cloth armor user u don't have so much def, so if u got luck and cs will crit too u pretty much ucked up in 2 counters...maybe you playing as a healer u don't feel so much a counter u can crit heal etc, but as a wl if u got caught ure dead like 0 chances of surviving...
  15. Don't you think BD's ruled the game a bit too long? And about the counter, i don't think is normal to hit a bd 300 and got countered 2000 do you? This is hoe counter should work: reflect with 50% chance half of damage you receive... The nerf is more than welcome on bds, and it could of been worse (should of but...) anyway the druids will be op as always so no reason to complain
  16. Can I hug you? :[ The thing is i'm at work atm and idk if the test server will be on when I reach home, but ty for giving me a hope
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