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  1. Oh my god this is worse than windows vs mac xD Can't I just listen to both? :] (Apparently not)
  2. To be fair, there are not many necros who truly know what to do in 1v1 with a bd or some other melee class
  3. Best targets? In 5v5 arena it's crowd control classes (Lock, shaman, [necro], pala) In 2v2 probably healers (Some cases rogue over shaman/necro). If I have priest and druid against me, I prefer to target priest first. Same with necro sham. 3v3 is a good balance between those. If you have a good pt, locks and palas should be no more than pest to you, but a grouped up party is in the hands of their enemies.
  4. It is possible and quite easy... It just takes dedication and a bit of luck to get good pt to tower and good drops. Once you got say +6 lvl17/19 arena weapons you are set to farm/dgn parties. The rarer your class is the easier it is. That's why lvling priest late game is much more enjoyable than lvling a ranger.
  5. Really? I remember posting about shaman skills including expert ones couple months back.
  6. There already is a surplus of these topics please just look at them for help
  7. Warspear online forum and wiki are sites with at least some of this info. Also amping does not increase dmg/def by a certain amount but buy percent. +10 increases dmg by 93% for example. Skill info is provide in game. Unless you try to calculate the exact amounts, you'll be good reading the skill infos when creating a character. Your dmg is easy to count: Your dmg + (Your dmg) * (Ice queen percents + Passive skill percents) Not that hard, right?
  8. Don't know the reference, so I grant you your wish. I wish for a new PC
  9. Xenons profile pic just fits this post so well! xD And gl for finding your lost craft job
  10. Dagger + axe is my favorite. Good dmg + arena daggers give accuracy. Also I don't have that much money to amp so amping dagger to +4 and axe to +6 is good option for me
  11. Yes you can please stop this "Omg that's op and that's op and that's op ((( im so weak"-sh*t *Insert Shia LaBeouf-gif*
  12. Ty I believe there already is one made by Nabnecro. I tried to find it, but didn't have any luck. If somebody else finds it, please link
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