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  1. Killing Intent - (passive) Increase critical damage and penetration by specific percent. Give more percentage while in Stealth.
  2. yup warlocks sure is powerful, with suitable skills build and relics, the most fearsome class in arena, use it well and you will be putting an evil smile on your face, killed 2 bds and 2 ranger even healers alone in arena
  3. i think adding more stun or slow might be a good idea since the current stun only earthquake, and surely more to AoE skill because shaman mainly focus on support, i agree with this ice thingy for next expert skill. Well we all know shaman is a mountain clan, and even in the first map theres snow in highland so why not just get on with it. So im talking about shaman having some AoE ice wind or chills which slow the enemy in the area and end up stun?
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