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  1. Hi guys Merry Christmas . I have Some Questions and is that why lvl 24 dg is so damn hard ? im lvl 23 wlock and i done lvl 28 dg but i cant do 24 ! i Tried with about 12 other pt and diffrent players , its not working ! all pt members will die in First Floor Boss , i just wanna know is a game bugg or have a Trick or something ? other question is why healer cant attack Third Floor boss ( i did with lvl10 Shamn)
  2. I like idea To Have Something Real To remember Warspear . like i have Dota 2 Pudge Doll ! xD its Feel good To See it everyday on my desk
  3. i did 7 dg Today and i do all of them in 1 stam (dg 20) and Warlock i Mean WARLCOKS !!!! They Perfect In This Dg
  4. The Boss Dragosh is so Strong (every att 600 i think) cant beat him in 1 pt.
  5. Holloween is October 31th so ... But i Dont Know When Update Will be . Good luck
  6. Twitch is a Good Choice . you can share your play style with other and also People can Donate you money ( I Hope you Do Something Usefull For it )
  7. Go for Druid its better ( more dmg ,stun its perfect for pvp )
  8. i didnt Upgrade Exhaust But lock have an awsome and very usefull Skill ( Dark Circle ) because it help u in arena , lab ... it's Perfect dont Count on Exhaust
  9. Yes i have and They Still are op With New Skill .. Goddamn it They Have Big Big Dmg and they Have SHIELD and only Good thing For Rouge now is Nerf ... which is big nerf now?
  10. In US Server Number of Elf Characters Are Waaay to much More than MCs ... And With this Update it Seems No one Join MC Army again cuz our only Chance To kill BDs Was a Good Rouges But Now ... idk
  11. every time i post moderator Should accept it first and i can only post 3 time in day .... when this stops?
  12. they can't remove heavy armor for bd because almost all bds has Heavy armor ( what happend if they remove it ) but i agree its not fair for Mc side bd is To Strong Now , can't beat him . if they keep making bd stronger i think it will be useless to make mc char ( everyone make elf side char and game will be boring ... )
  13. Warlock are Very Good in Arena And Specially in Wars !
  14. C'mon Im Waiting for those new Skills , i just wanna know what happend to chars xD , cuz Some ppl saying new Skills is Not Balance ...
  15. Thats a Diffrent Question ! dosnt answer to my Questions ! But thanks
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