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  1. Hi guys Merry Christmas . I have Some Questions and is that why lvl 24 dg is so damn hard ? im lvl 23 wlock and i done lvl 28 dg but i cant do 24 ! i Tried with about 12 other pt and diffrent players , its not working ! all pt members will die in First Floor Boss , i just wanna know is a game bugg or have a Trick or something ? other question is why healer cant attack Third Floor boss ( i did with lvl10 Shamn)
  2. I like idea To Have Something Real To remember Warspear . like i have Dota 2 Pudge Doll ! xD its Feel good To See it everyday on my desk
  3. i did 7 dg Today and i do all of them in 1 stam (dg 20) and Warlock i Mean WARLCOKS !!!! They Perfect In This Dg
  4. The Boss Dragosh is so Strong (every att 600 i think) cant beat him in 1 pt.
  5. Holloween is October 31th so ... But i Dont Know When Update Will be . Good luck
  6. Twitch is a Good Choice . you can share your play style with other and also People can Donate you money ( I Hope you Do Something Usefull For it )
  7. Go for Druid its better ( more dmg ,stun its perfect for pvp )
  8. i didnt Upgrade Exhaust But lock have an awsome and very usefull Skill ( Dark Circle ) because it help u in arena , lab ... it's Perfect dont Count on Exhaust
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