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[2015.02.24] Game servers stop and bug fixes.

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Hello there, dear players!


Tomorrow (25/02/2015) at 8:00 CET our game servers will be stopped due to minor and major client fixes.

The game will be unavailable for ~15 minutes, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Full list of fixes:

- alliance banners will always be on top of the list of targets to attack

- matrix keyboards bugs on Symbian and WinMobile devices are fixed

- reconnection bug after changing profile is fixed

- minion skills bug is fixed (sometimes client was unstable when minions used their skills)

- character statuses won't be removed after the death on arena

- occupied territory marker visibility is fixed (sometimes it wasn't on correct position)

- general stability of game client and server is improved


New clients 4.7.3 are available on our website, you can upgrade now.

Market version will be available later. All the fixes will be available after server restart tomorrow.


Have a nice game, guys,


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By fix infection and hex. I hope your talking about fixing them for the better. Not nerfing forsaken chars as usual.


Idk what a problem for infection is, but for hex. If someone locks in a skill JUST before the silence effect is applied. It will still work. Happens mostly with bladancers.


Happens due to people stacking skills and the game ignoring the fact that silence is enabled.

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See the roland's response here :

you can always put a cursor to the enter text field, not focus on messages.


i wanna guess why chatting was srolled into first chat, its made me cant see what ppls says, is it bug or no?

It's even still in the same page *z*
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mmm... I am facing a issue with pc version 4.7.3 the pm screen is scrolling to top on its own which is making me scroll down again n again to read the new pms can you guys please cheack into it 


Same thing, just with every message screen. Always scrolls to the top when messages are opened

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