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  1. I cant wait fir this banner thing to be done and over with. Personally. Its annoying. Everyones running around wuth their heads cut off, elfs all over the place, mc send in a pt of rogues to kill the elf flag. And we get nowhere.
  2. cant wait for spring king

  3. cant wait for flower king!!!!!!

  4. Nobody in us sapphire wamts to get up at 9am for war. Make it later in the day please:)
  5. the whole giving away guild lead for a inactive leader after 10 days is a good way to get guild scammed. Just saying.
  6. Dont go all elf on me. It would be really good to have in war and doing cl and farming bosses
  7. I didnt know where to put this topic.
  8. You should just bring it back for the holloween event.
  9. Not just for me. For everyone. Its a really nice dress...,
  10. It's really cute and i want it and half the pdople in my guild want it. Please bring it back.
  11. Well I mean it would but not as good as not in arena, or you could only use it once in arena.
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