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  1. Hopefully the server will be back soon. And some gifts for the momentarily server down. :[
  2. SupremeHady

    amp bug

    Should equalize the amp rate for all level armor too! Even amplifying level 10 armor costs more than that.
  3. Please consider on changing the battle for territories mode into a war system where the number of players competing are equal. Right now you can see how the battles have been one-sided as one faction greatly outnumbered the other one. Not for all servers, but some. Definitely quite unfair to the side which have much less players. Thank you.
  4. Ayy thanks for making it easy to be seen! Didn't really know how to put the image there.
  5. If they add glowing red eyes, that would be awesome! Great drawing!
  6. Sorry for the short background stories. Really lack of ideas.
  7. Here is my entry, the Crimson Hawk. It consists of a black hood, black-red coat and pants. A golden belt with an emerald gem attached to it. The black coat has a golden lace around it and a hawk emblem at the back. Not forgetting the crimson-colored mask. http://imgur.com/w6GBEh4 This costume was created as a tribute to the legendary ruler of Ayvondil in the early centuries, the Crimson Hawk. The Crimson Hawk fought every enemies who tried to ruin the island by threatening the lives of the citizens living there. The defender of the land from one generation to another.
  8. Waiting for my mcoins...

  9. I had the same issue too. It was on the 8th January where I purchased the 12600 mcoins and didn't receive the mcoins. Since signs of imperishability was on sale that day, I didn't want to lose the discount. So I purchased another 12600 mcoins and I received the mcoins, for the second purchase. Until now, I still haven't received the mcoins for the first purchase. I've already reported this issue to the Support section of warspear website. Still waiting for their response. Although, I just want them to refund for the first payment since I've got my mcoins from the second purchase.
  10. Dev please make warspear on windows to go fullscreen or atleast make the screen wider. The map shown is quite small. Please make it happen!
  11. Hello everyone. I'm just looking for someone to craft a level 10 rare weapon, ent's amplified glaive/spear which needs craft level 10 for melee section. If anyone from MC can craft for me, I've gathered the materials. Text me up blazerdz on warspear. Thanks ^^
  12. My warspear crashed and forced exit whenever I try to login. I'm using my Xiaomi phone.
  13. It's really hard to get resources for crafting like catalysts. You make players starting level 10 can do crafting but getting the resources needs a party which consists of members being lower level than the boss' level. How to get the resources by ourselves is hard. So please make it easier. Please Devs! :/
  14. From the Snow elves casket which you could get from the "holidays gift" quest. But now GM has changed the rewards to useless cookies because of too many level 3 and above players doing that quest daily. That has caused much lag to the game. Anyways, no. Not from any of the instances you can get the ice queen rings or amulets.
  15. Increased the chance on getting rare items from the Snowy Caskets they said, but still getting useless cocktail 3 sets in a row. Wtf devs.
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