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  1. 2nd reply made me lol. but seriously, can you devs think about making new weapons for all classes? but mainly casters cus we've had the same damn staffs for too long and it needs changing up.............. idk if its me but they really make costumes look ugly sometimes.... also im sick of the constant disappearing of my weapon each time i use a skill, make it come from the weapon!
  2. Why are people so hung up and worried about others seeing their gears? Inspection is here and its here to stay, its not going away, might as well improve it for the best. In the end, all their seeing is your attributes not your goddamn nudes
  3. lol......... order &chaos probably got this amount 2 days after it was made free
  4. Off topic: stone body is a good way to help your enemies cool down their skills before they whoop your ass. The only times its saved me is from mobs and sometimes arena. If your being chased and you use that. Well, gg. In topic: grimoire is shit, very bad duration and lvl 1 is just pathetic.
  5. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/13975-new-death-animation/#entry349139 Here we are
  6. Let's be real, the only class that needs a buff is mage, pve and arena/wars they are wicked. Alone..... So sad .
  7. Yes, someone did suggest this before, the title wasnt as specific as yours but it was the exact same concept. YES, agree 100%. Would look awesome !
  8. Men, I don't see why not. As long as its like once a year or every 6 months to stop people from abusing it. Don't even get me started on how much mcoins they would want >.
  9. Agree, and also for more types of runes anddd crystals to enchant to gears in general.
  10. Perfect. What competition? It does not remove anyone but allow OTHERS to get a chance of getting special arena items. Like TheQuestion's idea, your not banned from arena but you just can't win another tournament in a row, gotta wait for the next season. I like it
  11. Where are the damn expert skills? Its been months! Cmon aigrind ! You failed my challenge >.
  12. ima admit, never thought we could win this but look at us now. 0-1 FOR US! This is just the begging ! Watch out sentinels! Some Honorable Mentions This Never would have happened if it werent for Last week's war: It was the time when our deadly tactic was introduced! Thanks to: Ownology, Sternriter, Twistofate for coming up with it! we dropped the flag from 300k to just under 100k for that war......but that wasnt the end! Today was when the real sh*t began! we got off our asses and worked as a team. Thanks to: Irishrogue, Kiisha and othersfor enforcing everyone to participate oh and the man who spammed the bloody hell out of lifescrolls. Goodjob Classified, we may not have won without you !!! but watch your back, ur infamous on the elf side! and finally:Thanks to everyone! we finally did it! (shoulda seen the convos on elf side! they were pissed!) This is only the begining! 2-0 is next. maybe even 3-0. haha! MOUNTAINSAKEN FOR THE WIN Goodjob Everyone!
  13. just wondering, you devs/gms ever considered adding warspear to the windows store? not the windows phone store if thats what you think, but the actualy windows store(for PCs) just reckon itd be easier for players to download the game and get it updated without having to go on the website each time like IOS and android. you could also make it a 'modern' app meaning it will have to be fullscreen . meaning a more zoomed out version possibly. hehehehehe. so yeah, my question is, you devs/ or people know if this is gonna/planned to happen? would be cool.
  14. Did you read the full suggestion? ._.
  15. Welcome to warspear !!! Eneter the wonderful world of arinar !!!! Amp your gears, with miracle coins!!! Get strong, with miracle coins!!! Do dungeons, with miracle coins !!! Craft, with miracle coins !!! Do any shit in the game, with miracle coins!!! Get miracle coins by spending your money. Wait are you waiting for?
  16. Let's be real, it won't happen. How would you feel if you were a new player and you kept versing high amped players on. Arena not knowing what the fu*k is happening
  17. Someone said a locking system before. Heir or leader locks specific items. Only heirs / leader can withdraw and or unlock.
  18. Saw someone suggest an awesome fix for this leader passing system to make it fair both ways. Something about Thane's. Either way. - leader made the guild - paid for the unity sign/s - paid for the leveling (mostly) - reason it even exists Either remove it or change the system to something better. IMO.
  19. A live chat box for forum memebrs? Agreed! Would be nice to socialize while maintenance is happening.
  20. By fix infection and hex. I hope your talking about fixing them for the better. Not nerfing forsaken chars as usual. Idk what a problem for infection is, but for hex. If someone locks in a skill JUST before the silence effect is applied. It will still work. Happens mostly with bladancers. Happens due to people stacking skills and the game ignoring the fact that silence is enabled.
  21. either make it the top of the enemy list(when choosing what you want to attack) or just make it so no one can stand on top of it.
  22. anyone else starting to get annoyed/weird about the current staff animations? problem is, if your a caster and your spamming skills, you barely see the weapon your using cus your just using skill after skill after skill. was ok with it but idk, now its just getting a bit weird. like, your staff just disappears when you use a skill and appears when your not? dont even get me started on bossses that are way bigger than the current character sizes. eg bonewinged guard, spawn, satraps bosses........ its just starting to look like your giving them a BJ or punching their sack instead of tryna kill them because of all the skills your spamming. so, yeah, its a first world problem but maybe think to add more animations so that its more consistent i guess? maybe animations like breath catcher for attack skills(raises staff) and 2014 sam hain for casting buffs(stomping the staff). so yeah thats it, agree disagree idc. just something i wanted to say >.
  23. - decrease sentinels flag to 100k. -Increase legion flag to 500k - add mass skills for legion classes(MCs forsaken) -secret passages for legion
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