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  1. Is that only 2 parts of retribution gear? (hand and boot) Why not full set with helmet and armor?
  2. what is function of rune of retribution? is that counter attacking ability?
  3. don't be too proud of others, if in the end they don't care about you. Just proud to be yourself.

  4. new ranger passive skill is pretty good. push-notification for giving us info when our item sold is a good feature!
  5. Thanks for supporting, i hope gm will enable this feature soon
  6. yes, we can directly choose the set we want to be worn. so we can change gear as fast as posible before we in combat mode (action is not available when in fight)
  7. Maybe this topic was created. But i hope we can change armor as fast as we can using this option, Example: loadout1 = kw set, 2 ring damage, amulet inward, chiton cloack, cbow arena 19 (if u click this loadout, your gear will be Changed same as loadout1 list) Loadout2=arena 19 sets, 2 ring damage, amulet inward, chiton cloack, bow arena 19 (if u click this loadout, your gear will be Changed same as loadout2 list) I hope u understand what im talkin about If this option available we dont need to changing gear 1 by 1, its confusing. Thanks so much.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQZYEKn2usI this is what i love but low tempo version
  9. i think this topic not so important, i just wanna ask. when i play on computer the only background music in game that i like is when our hp reach half life or when in bosses , i was recored that BGM (backgroundmusic) but very noisy when i listen that, can someone give this BGM as mp3 format? thanks sorry my bad grammar
  10. Im so regret skip to read the quest story until level 24
  11. Not only economy in game, if transfer character option available, anyone would not create new char again at other server and start amping again, just click transfer character and "taddaaaaa" u are in other world now
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