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  1. Hi devs, windows mobile version crash on login btw give back old menu please
  2. Ty for new update! Devs, please do remove autoadding nick in chat when switch type of chat (from private to trade/guild/world). Now this system of chat is terrible and cause mistakes :/ Sry for my english, ty.
  3. In 4.7.3 (pc version) is bug with minion's icon (if i go to other screen, minion's icon was lost, to show need relog)
  4. Juliosoy scammer + liar, he took ring from wh, he didnt put it back and denied it:
  5. DEVs, can u post how many each fracts was logged in? !!! I think is very important information! btw elfs will be noobs always :D
  6. One question, can u write version of files on your website?
  7. I saw only one place to obtain free unity sign = reward from quests at swamp.
  8. 100k gp is pretty much :D:D my top is 54k
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