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[2014.02.04] Planned technical maintenance

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Dear players,


Today, at 11.00 GMT will be carried out planned preventive maintenance of servers. Game realms will not be available for ~120 minutes.


Please, consider this information while planing game actions!




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Awesome. a few thoughts:


#1. Not every maintenance has an update. Pls stop asking "whats new" or spamming "update :*" every maintenance.


#2. Not every time there is a maintenance or update are free chests given away. Stop spamming world chat "why no chest, gimme chest plssssss"


#3. Every time there is an update, dont expect it to happen at 0:00. It was barely 2am on my time zone and ppl spamming "where is update???"

every single time.


#4. When announcement says servers will be down for about 30 mins ppl complain about how its going to be much longer than that.

now they let us know it would be around 2hrs and ppl in world chat still ♥♥♥♥♥ing that its a long wait. Lol.

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