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  1. i repesent my simple imagination devil tikbalng cast dark magic with hamstring sometimes fear
  2. no guys they update system coz some member buying mcoun by google and its bug
  3. pls gm dont sell every week sign repair life scroll much better sell 1 times a month some ppl at this game buy and sell to earn gold if every week sell sign repair very hard to earn gold pls gm do my wish
  4. warlock over power and priest why increases pls gm wacth his skill and also rogue posion over kill too
  5. gm pls gm give chance drops all green crown mobs/adds at map4 we need collect sphare lll for farm earn gold and amplifying
  6. thanks for our renion tour thanks for your good memories thanks be a good friends thank you good bye kim we miss you from elixirph. "we are family"
  7. i amp falcion of eternal frost why no amp huhuhuh
  8. i amp today 11set and 4 pcs never get +8 i start amp to +7 why no amp wasting piece of gold
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