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    New boss

    Don't see much people hunting spawn which I think is because of the looks of the costume....demonologist still the best boss suit ever
  2. I prefer to go with trap if you are a tactical person in pvp...go for 3 powerful shot 3 scatter 5 blessing 3 trap and 4 Fire arrow...but if you are an all out person with high amp then I prefer to go with 5 powerful shot 5 blessing 3 trap and 4 Fire arrow...better trap then use scatter in pvp but against magic users I prefer to go with scatter....so it all depends on the pl ayers type of builds.....
  3. Need to click the signature along with the picture or can paste the signature on the picture?????
  4. Image must be captured or can put images related to the landscape in warspear?????
  5. Please give miracle coins discount in MOL... :drinks: :clapping:
  6. By the time I updated...maintenance again :facepalm: still waiting
  7. There was no music in mine in the first place :wacko:
  8. i am used to sms language :lol:
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