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  1. can i ask here, it said posted last june 27 say one week left before event end, can admin pls tell me whats the exact and date event end, pls pls pls........ someone tell me it ends tommorow? because it last only this june, tnx.....
  2. lol im a dota 2 player bro, troll hitting same target has no penalty when get hit back, as you hit via normal dmg u gain buffs bro' but evry time you got hit it deducted from the buffs you gain, is that clear bro? how you can gain a 10 buffs if evrytime that mobs or pvp enemy or boss or mini boss deduct those buffs evrytime you got hit? dota 2 troll when u target a enemy u gain buffs right? but no penalty as u get hit back, i think your just commenting but not a ranger user and didnt try it lol, iknow more on dota than you'' those devs must think about this skill, that was not a expert skill, that was a noob skill, one thing too, that noob rouge got not a ''dodge.' damn 0 dmg, a sucesfull evade lol that makes me think that devs want rouge more op in this game
  3. sorry bro, i was so dissapointed as i posting it, and i dont have a good grammar, all i speak out to devs what it feel to have that shitty skill spend gold and free oblivion now i have to buy another oblivion, pls dev review and rebalance our skill
  4. skill of range bitterness only buffs when u hit normal shot, if you delay ur normal because you use skill sorry for you you can earn it al mobs hit sometimes faster or fast as you if you miss shot sorry for you too, if you use ut in dg lol all mobs hit you all deducted if you use slow bow like crossbow pls dont try to learn this skill, noob thing i dpnt think they think before putting it in game, and 1 thing, if you reach 8 or 9 or 10 lol just a sec it will go down faster even u dont get hit, all dont learn this skill it only waste your gold and mcoins for book oblivion re balance it noob it cost a lot of skill points but suddenly so noob penalty on deduction? if you want devs make thise skill of us count on buffs damn so disappointed
  5. i need an atetion from devs, im a ranger user and i try to full the new skill of us buffs us up to 10 adv speed, but evrytime the one we hit hit us it deducted, did yoy devs thingking about it? a lot of mobs hit faster than us? is that stupidity to put that skill? 1 hit and 1 deducted? are. they insane? only those free hit got full but if u using it from mobs its useless at the point they dont think before putting it in game, i hate my new skill suck my gold only, but my ghod look at rouge skill damn ur not making fair to us an inconvinience to spend gold and re arange skill on that, new skill ranger was so stupid of all
  6. even on pldt here at philippines got blocked? 3 days since i cant play, thats was our provider here,.. cant aigrind do spmething about this ? i already pm supprt but up to now only got egg for answer or. move to fix
  7. im android user, iafter i update my warspear apps at playstore, now its not wornking, evrytime i click the game to open it just get off again, ver.4.9
  8. lol for all haters its just it was called a EXPERT skill so dont call it a full stun only if it is a mini stun, they said it in a sure stun not a chance dev put that in description, so why we up that skill if cant improve in lvl4? can anyone tell me what was the benifits of that skill if we upgrade that?
  9. Auto party and inviting party at arena disable Its been to long we shout here, pls fix or give free book of oblivion so we can dispatch that noob secret link skill, Mc never got prob on lowering balance always sentinel side
  10. im so disapointed on how you treat us druid in this game, why developer put new skill heal, '' secret idio't link'' if we cant use it arena! you let all druid put that skill prior to skill points and now we cant use it at arena? you cant even inv your team mate arena, so the summary all druid class at arena tricked cause all skill point they put in the new heal are uselless tnx dev. for making this i guess you better give all druid free ''book of oblivion so we can balance pur druid char. for the disapointment and inconvinience, btw im druid from eu and thank you
  11. A lot of bug to fix We cant make pt at arena, how noob you So what the sense of secret link of druid? if you try to inv, the party option was dark so u cant click it, Another bug A lot of player didnt recieve blue or dailyquest at ghaspel, dinalt and somara camp, is this a tricks for mc so elf cant make gp from that lands that mention? pls fix this asap, its been two days since i didnft recive quest, And if thats the case at arena give us free book of oblivion so we cancel our skill from secret link so the points of skill is not useless, If you dont want to fix it Idk if mc face same problem too...
  12. spending money in this game is not OPTION anymore, so sorry for us all, pls developer dont turn this game into money game, to win in contest its neccesary to use mcoins NOT OPTION! to amp wep and equip its neccesary to use mcoins again! NOT OPTION suggestion: like x2 gp xp u can loot a requirments to make a gp pots but lower the duration while in mcoins item it has more duration time other is amping gear u can loot a requirments too so u can amp without mcoin but less to 50% chance atleast there always has an option but if they use sign bought buy mcoins they got full benifits of same as now how to amp use the boss on first map so those trash boss on lower map will be usefull i gues those mcoin user will not affected to use mcoins as how they play but also it will be a fair game to all a freindly one'' just a suggestion who love the game
  13. im sorry its not nonburning pearl its BURNING MIXTURE,
  14. are you aware of this loot rate? evry time im doing this ♥♥♥♥ing quest, it take 50try to done, and now 36/2? from so few limit source then more player dealing with, pls tell me hows the loot rate of it, i think thats not fair, and i also think that only few player doing this quest, because of that loot rate so noob
  15. ok bday of warspear all android user lets take a break because we cant update now, dont try because no way even i try more times still after download update ''connetion problem'' apear. :-(
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