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  1. so questions: do we need to re-DL from the web or will the simple patching be enough? and re- to that throwing knife skill, lmao, i predicted that.
  2. wanna elaborate on that great charms? xd anyways, finally. was waiting
  3. not fake. its possible if he acquired arena cloak+amulet lv20 from finishing arena season on top which gives more percentage of physical damage than ice queen.
  4. i cannot believe how many "sensitive" shemales up in here... its funny how "non-affiliated" kid replies the post that i had originally intended to forward to those responsible only. well, i dont want speak much. cause the problem has been fixed. i give the mods or whoever permission to delete this topic. or lock. whatever. i dont even think there's a need to post here anymore. #safe -out
  5. finally. and i hope this includes fixing buggy expert skills. thanks.
  6. oh.. and who says im special? so this'll be an issue cause "everybody" post the same, and yet roca's to blame. well, i think i made myself clear. ima stop and "wait" for the inevitably maintenance fix. before the whole clique decides to reply and beef just for the sake of their "opinion". too much unnecessary replies already. #NuffSaid
  7. as expected... undeniably.. how bout this. if you got some personal issue, then front. and try not to mix it professionally, "mod". eventhough i know you gon deny that too. but yo, like i said, i give less ___. you and yo homies can fap all u want. whatever "style" im posting is my problem. "sellers" need to deal with all the ___ that is said by an unsatisfied customer. try deny that fact too. if you dont want mad post, then focus on putting good "usable" products. but hey, at least i aint one of them that replies "quote: __ ur mother." "__ u." and other considerably harsh/curse words. (like
  8. "Thread" well,i should file a report to mods for non-related off-topic replies. but oh wait, one of em is already here... so....
  9. another p/s: your opinion matters is as small as a microscopic creatures to me. so...
  10. oh.. my bad. i didnt read that sh itty reply post by that whoever kid. how about this, mind your lil titty business kid. and i mind mine. capische? i dont wanna downgrade my brain just to better suit yours. safe. p/s: no time for stupidity.. and fans.
  11. hmm.. tempting. but nahh. since its not really advantageous in major ways, i keep my 2/4. cause im balancing every skills for pvp/dungeon runs,farm,hunt etc/ and pve arena. so far, its all good.
  12. here's the real question... anybody maxed out 4/4 or 3/4 that skill? i wanna know what changes/improved. currently, im on 2/4. low dmg (not even 100), good enough duration/time. and it seems like the "partly" dmg "shared" is based on how much dmg can a player inflicts. the highest ive tried with my friend is somewhat 85. it would be nice if the skills can crit xd for e.g like lock's life exhaust skill.. or maybe while the skill is active, target(s) cant regen hp or heal xd xd that'd be superb ops! yknow, just my 2 cents xd its a fun skill to mess around with xd i have no complaint t
  13. so here's the stitch.. v3.12.0 i have an account for necro,. and another account for rouge. i bought necro's new skill in Nadir skill shop, and everything works fine. then i bought rouge's new skill (with my necro hero) also from Nadir shop, and transferred it to my rouge on another account. And when i press use/add, a message pops out saying "cant add expert skill elusive jump". and yes, ive fulfilled the level requirements and everything. so no, its not yet fix for me.
  14. android here. rouges didnt work. necro works fine. and i did dl from the web. unless you re-release the updated version. so naahh.
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