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  1. Build: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/213752 Max Guild lvl: 6 1) Is it viable to sacrifice pdmg from rings in a lifesteal build for some extra block? 2) Is 17% accuracy atleast barely enough? If not, how much is? 3)2.7% vamp or extra 3% block from double block shield? Aura & all pdmg pve skills are maxed. Also, I have all the vamp relics.
  2. will miss the horror & snow anniversary. This is an important update but event dgs are extremely fun.
  3. Wouldn't include signs or spheres cos the extra luck, or whatever they want to call it, will last for a month (might save a hardcore amper more than 3sets of amplification items). Also not surprise chest, mayb 1x "enhanced surprise chest" every week for subscribers. These chests should not drop quest items and can even replace the guild tournament rewards. But tbh, I feel their current model is doing pretty well so they might not be interested in making any changes to that.
  4. pretty sure they already replied to this in an old thread. Seems there will be tons of expert skills in game and players are supposed to choose the ones that suit their style. It's nothing new tho, there are games that only allow 4 skill slots.
  5. There are too many rogues in EU. Nerf the class even more pls. Let these rich players try other classes for a change.
  6. Bye Roland. Daria, bds are op. Please help us.
  7. same but I read Roland say somewhere that the pop ups will never be removed cos warspear is a free to play game ( he did say something like that) But yeah, ads after quests / deaths are avoidable but when we spam 100s of tickets per day there's a high chance we might click on one.
  8. 8th anniversary. Wow gz! 2more and mayb U give statues to old players like how blizzard did
  9. No. Roland already said it won't happen for now. Just do wat they say or stfu.
  10. exactly. And support healers should be happy that's not the case. They can use ferocity weapons to heal tanks in PvE without having to worry about heal reduction.
  11. rich players are always op. With or without ferocity. Wat's your point?
  12. Should never be easy for a free player. Many will disagree if you say it's impossible for a free player to get decent amps on his gear. Takes a lot of swamps, dailies and reselling which is not fun at all, but at least there is a way. There are games where free players can't even survive after a lvl. They are forced to buy equipment slots, equip upgrades etc with real money and some games even lock AH access for free players until they buy something for ingame currency.
  13. I made sure my friends unbound all expensive gear and then deleted each char myself. Created lvl1s to save names....just in case. Tbh, I don't really know why the ID got perma banned after that, but would be really awesome if I could somehow recover the names.
  14. BTW. All chars are deleted. Account only has lvl1 chars. Possibly a 6 or 10.
  15. I've returned and would really love to have my name's back. Don't need the account tbh. Just that name will do. I've sent an email now. Hope the support team shows mercy.
  16. Its business. I had to buy 2 book of oblvn for druid and 2 fr my priest only in last 1 week. No idea how many more nrfs are on the way for pala and ranger, better to save up some coins.
  17. They want you to kite melee 1v1 and be happy with it :) Even a 13 year old kid would choose shamans over druids by just lookin at those skill descrips :lol:
  18. Comparing basic skills with expert ones? :facepalm: And when did druids want an 'expert' skill to push 'melee 2 yards away' to kite them. No need to complicate things, root + bees does the job fine vs melees, if u know wat u r doin. Letme know if tornado at lv4 is as EFFECTIVE as blind or circle or lightning shield or earthquake. Skill as it is is usefull in ways u mentioned, but not upto the standards of shaman's ( which other caster can u compare druids to?). Its not at all an expert skill, more like those special skills they give during christmas. ;D
  19. no retard will upgrade it to lvl3, its only usefull for breaking stealth. Theres almost no effective stun at lvl1 or the so called pull. Why the fck would anyone pull or push melee a couple of yards when theres almost no stun effect. :facepalm:
  20. You guys will see many more QQ topics in future cos ur encouraging it. This is like slapping a kid, watching him cry and give him a hotweels car to make things alright. Druid's skill was op ofc and it couldve been done long back when priest's was nerfed. There was no need for so much analysis or watever.
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