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  1. Wow, congratulation for the winner... N thanks for Warspear team... :D
  2. one way to scam other is using a bit difference from a popular name... :crazy:
  3. purenama


    thanks for the info... ::)
  4. I hope gm can fix fo41111 gold to read easily... Coz, number "1" is hard to see if its meet with many "1" number, specially for mobile users... Its hurt my eyes to read very small font in very tiny place... Someone can get tricked by "1" and full bag trick... Ty
  5. happy new year to all... :drinks:
  6. nice, another online option... i love it... ;D ;D ;D
  7. thats only unlucky... but thanks for announcement...
  8. wew... can u show the bigger image??? :blush:
  9. just ignore them... :unknw: i don't like ppl say bad word too... or u need logout for a while...
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