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  1. this looks like awesome , if this boss chosse as the winner gm should make the boss more good and nice.
  2. yasser

    Bug Weapons

    gm need fix this
  3. Maybe this will be fun , idk im agreed how about you guys?
  4. Bd best now , maybe gm do this because they want bd be a tanker again.
  5. Hope in next ver will be available [sphere Of Acessories]
  6. I have completed hard mode 2 times :) i only need 13 minutes ( 2 stamina ) total 4 stamina and just wasted my stamina elixir
  7. Old version we got 40-45 arena point in arena lvl 15-18 2vs2 , and i want it back :'(
  8. Costume are not subject for unbinding :snorlax:
  9. yasser

    New Developer

    I know dredd movie, superhero :crazy: i saw it on HBO or Fox movies premium sorry forgot ;D
  10. My brain is calculator 8) , kidding ;DI don't have paladin so i'm not too understand
  11. This game is really really hard :( my friend high score only 23/24 :rofl:
  12. That just no lucky, btw i want music back :( i heared that music in 2012 but gm / dev's deleted it now in 2013 same like what happened year ago
  13. First time Secod time Wasted 1 stamina elixir but only got trash :facepalm: Yesterday i got kw bracelet from normal mode
  14. WTF! :facepalm: i cant play ws in 1 hour :( oh yeah anyway i must fo my homework
  15. yasser


    That is old music but not too old , anyway i agree with this topic
  16. Why no music again? In version 2 ws music is good like now but when i log in the morning i dont hear that again :( i like that music
  17. Wtf bug Im naonw,cant report bcoz get banned untill 6 february
  18. Don't make a trouble ;) :( the only way to get friend's :) ;)
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