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  1. r0land, "In case of winning or losing in PvP-battle you will be getting a chat message with your rival’s name." can you explain this one pls?
  2. did you add more slot for skill shortcut? if no there will be no slot for 2 event skill
  3. We must have a quest inside piramid, but Im haven't get the quest yet. Look at this pic
  4. Can anyone tell me how to get into Faceless place ? Was entering the pyramid but cant go to other side
  5. Hi there, it also cant send trade chat from tlaskoe
  6. You're not tell exact time anyway. I guess it will be 12.00 CET
  7. Hi R0land I know You've fix Flaming Vambraces bug. But You should check this one. You forget to fix this
  8. r0land, are we need to complete rotting garden heroic dungeon for enter this new place ?
  9. can anyone show me this item ? :blush:
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