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    I don't see why u wouldn't sell account... It's highly illegal action, they judge, guilty, end of story. And for your knowledge they aren't based on someone's talking, they track chars IP location history, device info etc etc, if your char one day appear from India, the next from Spain and next from USA something going on, u shared, u sold, both illegal so stop cry, they got better things to do, if u still believe u innocent try send a ticket after they finish with update progress.
  2. It's prety amazing, now with my 50% accuracy and 20% attack speed I can kill everyone, none mob dodge me anymore :rofl: :rofl: Druid heal 1500-1500-1500 with their new skill lvl4.... Seriously now, it's the first time in my life that I see caster to play with attack speed, search on EVERY RPG, it's the only that did this shit.... If you try kill a 10 lvl char u destroy him, if u try kill a good player you scratch his @@ :rofl: Mage ONLY in tower kick asses, in all the rest middle to bad... If next skill not passive penetration or something good will disappear from WS map, who want
  3. If you want to farm dungeons or mobs mages are the best, for anything else they SUCK SUCK SUCK I got +9 doom +7 full equip, ruberius cape, great darkness rings and I can't kill anyone with +6 +7 in 1v1, I die like shit if someone who knows to play target me, if you want a good char make ranger or bd they are extremely easy and op, I play mage cause I like him but it sucks after all defence became same and rings amp, I got 374 dmg, 15% penetration, 5lvl fireball and I deal 220 dmg with fireball on someone with arena equip and +8 rings
  4. Hello there, in announcement topic new mage skill was explained like this: Ethereal Barrier (Mage) After receiving a series of impacts, Mage summons a barrier which fully consumes damage of one following attack. The barrier opens after I hit 8 normal hits (skills doesn't count) So or the description in topic is wrong or the skills act wrong, some help? I wanted to know to lvlup it or not, it's not really cool if it opens with normally hits, mage are skill caster not hitter like blade dancers. PS. A friend told me that when he lvlup it, it never opened again but he was play
  5. ==Solved== Hello there, before a couple of days i updated my phone to KitKat, everything on warspear works fine until now exept 1 thing, i CANT MOVE UP xD On kitkat there is a new feature, on full screen apps if you drop down your finger on top of the screen status bar shows up, its cool but it brings an issue with warspear: when i tap top of the screen character doesnt move to next area, cycle with arrow showed up at top but character doesnt move, if i press it 5-10 times then it goes. No, i dont press it like monkey, i care to dont anable dropdown gesture, i found the perfect spot t
  6. Happy birthday ws :drinks: My bag today got 1 quest dress, and a pilgrim of the wasteland from 2 chests, I don't have anything else to say, I am speechless, awesome devs, thanks and good luck ;)
  7. It's not bad as an idea but it got many negatives 1. No buy tickets? For only this they won't do it, don't forget Aigrind is a company, I don't know any super market which gives free things, Aigrind why to do? 2. No gear? The project of the game is a war, stronger wins, strategy comes second. Plus strategy depends on your equip, if you remove already builted equip who will care to play? You thing like a gamer, what you want to see, something which you can he the best without pay. That's simple not going to happen, if you want the main idea "cycle arena with mobs and lvls" then add
  8. Try do the item that doesn't need any resources. Ex. Disciple Spheres on magic Don't sell them, keep them. When you go 8 lvl do the the same resource upgrade. Ex. Neophyte Sphere You can sell some of them You can use and +50% exp scroll on them, it worths. When you go 10 and open 4th slot stop make this, try make other advanced resources. After 11 lvl do the second weapon of 11 craft lvl weapons (it's 19lvl weapon) This way I am 12lvl (46k exp) now. Next week I ll go 13. And used 5 set scrolls but still got profit from selling staffs and resources... P.s. If you know
  9. For mobile users: Person a (I won't root my phone even if they pay me) Solution: Download "AVC video recorder" from Google Play How it works? You connect your phone to pc, run on pc the AVC activator (info in app) And that's all!! You can record your screen until you power off you phone, at reboot you have to activate it again. There is free and paid version, free can record 10sec. Person b (I want to root my phone but I don't know how) Solution: Google: How to root "your device" Ex. How to root Sony Xperia Z There are many programs which do everything with 1 click Yo
  10. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag makes the world stop go around, I stopped trying play after 5 dc in 10 minutes.... :facepalm:
  11. I have updated to version 3.13.3 from PlayStore, cleared cache but game still says "outaded version" and at top-left corner still is "3.13.0"
  12. Its very nice idea (killed by dildo :rofl: ) awesome But I don't think they will add it, it needs extra space to save everyone's weapon name and devs don't like extra space :-P But I would love that :give_rose: Plus guild points could be added on craft ;)
  13. I would pay 1k miracles to have these "magic" buttons! When i play and chat whith friends without do something special i hide in shops to avoid: "Please give some gold, i need repair" and after 1 sec they exchange! >:D If ignore was only for 1 player and not hole account i would have a char with EVERYONE IGNORE to be able chat with friends without spamming... One wants gg, the other gold, the other candy!! A monkey is less ballbreaker than ws noobs...
  14. Warspear using game library with different dedeveloping method.I guess it's possible with my way too but idk, results will come when dev starts :pardon: Maybe spece for images will be discouraged, I tried to make them small and modify them with code but I don't know finally using space... Oh btw I forgot to mention it, it will be movable to sd ::) Updated: After 5 min of thinking, a cigarette, some coffee and a fast check in game: Ofc and I can do it in 1 day ;D Only needs 3 more layers, cut the hands from other layers and: 5th layer: avatars left hand 6th layer: weapon 7th laye
  15. Sir Snorlax, Introduction I am a young developer, warspear eu-emerald player. On my free time I like to play with development stuff, create my own android applications, etc because it's a nice practice and I expand my knowledge on programming languages. Warspear it's a nice subject because it gives me ideas for new apps and development ways. I am sorry if this topic is on wrong section and it should be on "Suggestions", I tried to send you a personal message but messages are blocked. :unknw: Main subject At easter holidays a new idea came on my mind and started developing on it. An
  16. Dude if chainless is your problem and not ganking and side behaviors it's easy to solve. In both of my chars i killed from gg to sea in 2-3 hours, more time takes to die and walk back :nea: Everything is about time, if you try at Saturday 4pm GMT it's sure that u won't make it... If you try Monday-Thursday over 1 am GMT you won't meet any mc on the way, game looks like noone playing this time... Mcs doing the same, every night there is war at genie... Good luck ;)
  17. It's not a bad idea actually but imagine 7k guilds log (and always new created). They will take useless space on servers. If members wants to do something bad they will make pt and discuss about it, a good leader is always on, good heirs too! f you got information transaction issues think about make more active players heir. U can't imagine how big space will take chating from all guildes :shok: If someone talkes everything from wh ladygi's solution is great. For special occasions there is always support team. P.S. I don't want someone to check everything i tell, like many ppls,
  18. For pc it's easy to find. For android there is a lot ways: If you DONT have root: AVC screen recorder, it's on playstore, free and paid, it needs only to connect to pc at every boot and run a simple activator to activate it. If you HAVE root: the best i found and i use"ScreenCast" it's only paid but easy crack on rooted phones There are and other ways threw adb drivers but if you don't have any idea about them don't try it. ;) Good luck
  19. I am not sure if it's legally to extract item database, probably it's locked very well. You want to take a look, someone else maybe wants to steal images, you never know, that's why I don't think that there is any... But there is a lot of ss in forum, a fast search maybe gives you what you want to look. ;)
  20. Doger72


    Firstly please stop making topics over topics for same subject. Secondly as i saw your account have been blocked, the device is new so it isn't blocked. I guess that you tried to create account from same net as you used to play with blocked account. This means that probably your net ip is blocked too. If it was a bug should be many topics about it, yours it's the only. In any case this will be solved with support team threw a ticket. Forum is not a place for your essentially informations about net ip, device ip etc... P.S. Don't make topic that they ignore you, they will answe
  21. What the hell???? Omfg!!! Picture designers are completely morons???? This is ancient Macedonia! This is the map! Open google maps!!!!!!! Please fix it!!!! U just humiliate a hole country with this! U trying to don't be racism, that's so ducking stupid!!! Ask Greek modaratortto see what she gona tell you! Snorlax plz check it...
  22. Hello, today i noticed a bug on Android on ignore list. I tried to add an enemy player in ignore list like i had do it in the past and worked perfectly. The result was that ignore didn't work and a Toast showed up but STRING was missing. Attachment there is an ss with Toast. Sorry but i didn't check to ignore someone from same fuction. Thanks
  23. привет, я молодой разработчик и я хочу добавить русского языка на моем андроид приложения. я don't есть представление о русских( это google перевести sory для ошибок) и я бродил, если вы можете помочь мне так как google переводчик содержит много ошибок., если вы хотите, чтобы помочь именно так: 1. Я приложил. архива на тему, который содержит. xml файлы с все слова моего приложения. 2. После распаковки вы можете изменить файлы с блокнот или любой другой программы как это. 3. Если у вас есть несколько знания о развивающихся это будет легко найти текст для перевода. Если нет, текст, к
  24. The funny on this situations is that they try scamm old pro ppl,... :lol: Scammers becomes more and more stupid over the time... :facepalm:
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