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  1. please stop focusing on update, PLEASE FIX THE CONNECTION ISSUE ON ANDRIOD PHONE. on my nokia, it run well but apps kick when i go to other area on my andriod, wow always laggy  ̄へ ̄ please roland fix it....
  2. they not fixing at the 1time, you know, maybe someone will buy mcoins at that time, hehe money :drinks:
  3. xbagitox


    hahaha! bruh in real life,thats what we called accident. :crazy: :lol: dont worry cos if your email id is valid ,valid,meaaning registerd on yahoo or gmail ect. they wont get your account in ws :friends:
  4. the saddest thing here in this game is they won't block poor player who has been reported here, or a scammer in the game, but if rich player who violate the rules, any rules, even just one, they will blocked them without no hesitate, anyways thanks for your effort ;D
  5. Hello there! Facts and duration of bans in our game are not revised. Have a nice day! Best regards, Warspear Online Support Team :facepalm:
  6. i think this is unfair, army said in his previous post that his account was hacked, so if you Trace many IP on his account, his IP and the hacker IP, right? i think thats the reason why you blocked a account, if you trace many IP, you will block that account. but army have a reason, someone hack his account, so please unblocked his account, he spend alot of his time in this game, but in end ???? be nice gm, army is good player, dont ignored your player, because WITHOUT THEM, you got nothing. give some respect gm, army has a reason, dont ignored, check again his IP account.
  7. Noob game ever, here, they force you to leave this game, bcoz of there noob ducking server!!! and only here cant sell/trade account, ONLY HERE.. but many scammer in game, and they do nothing!!! they pretend this game is awesome, but its not, better play LoL. noob game!!! duck BULLSHIT RUSSIAN !!!! GREEDY RUSSIAN PEOPLE!!!
  8. R.I.P for symbians, please pray for them. O:-) :facepalm: :lol:
  9. same here :snorlax: i download mny times(apk) but still the old version from your site, please help
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