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  1. It happens how many time more i just online nd see server stopped in 30 minuts ........ its total lol
  2. Why server offline ....... no reasons on forum......nd how much this maintenance take time
  3. Thanks for Update but And of course, all game characters, starting from the 10th level will receive our special presents: 5 Rookie's Craft Licenses and 5 Master's Craft Licenses. But we cant get this......
  4. mee too agree thats will nice thinking Trizzz
  5. whats that ....top the level for game characters was increased to 24. now what is the top level its already 24
  6. GM u can understand we all work hard in arena.... then why give prizes to top 1 only we help friends for top 1 nd we also need prizes for that plzz think about it players who r agree on my words plzzz reply... ..
  7. MANY MANY THANKS for the BELT ............ and yaa that teleport arena location suks thanks nice event
  8. it means no bugs after update here i feel boring without this game
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