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EU Emerald - ABC Family

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  :yahoo:



Let´s start a write a new history for remember in this game. Forever and ever always ABC with my dears  and old friends till warspears ends.







Nice guild.





You could join in a future , if all goes fine  xD

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We need to add alliance guilds and enemies soon possible when hypnotoad stop his hypno xD



Possible  alliance guilds ( mc guild ) , Kaizen and FoF ( elf guild )

enemy guild , Woh ( Wrath of heaven ) kill all his members in all the places included pvp cave without exceptions .



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Hypnotoad is up xd



and Welcome back to the guild Odjur, pleasure having you with us  :drinks:


Its good to be back, we just haft to get through this first time or bugs and crashes.  :drinks: Maybe after 2 weeks most bugs will be delt with. Have the out most respect for all members here, we might the most experienced guild on emerald  :good:


I'm also very happy.and proud to see that we are pretty much 50/50 balanced with range and melee classes  :friends:


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congratulations you know the alphabet  ;D

whay not reopening old thread huh




naah in the other topic a lot of drama  this is a new clan book from zero without dramas.

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Old threads sucks xD





And Bloody, if you have close friends who want to join we would gladly consider,

our guild is like a family after all.


My wifes dk - nightngale would be a future member to consider. Right now she's lv13, but has almost full 2h blade set, so then she'll level again. So with time she will be a nice little dk.


Alot of ppl here that I speak to or spoken to at some point are here really :D one nice guy though is a polish guy very good shaman that I can never remember the name of... He got a Warlock, antique and dk, ubek. If that rings any bells :P


Oh and that rouge from India, what was he's name... But he got the rouge stolen/scammed and made a Warnock after faction update, Gabriel I think.


Forni and urazzaj are good to, been talking alittle.


Those are good people in my book, though ive no idea or they are in guilds already.

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I say yes to apeyamaballs xD 


Also I want mofhh to join with us  ,he is a great guy is not like that " caza"  they was friends yes , but now they are enemies living in the same city mofhh knows how is him and dislike..... :facepalm:  I dont know why "someone" kicked him when he was on the guild also with bloody dk ,odjur but ..... well vote for him following the rules without  problems  if wanna say no, ok, but at least give to him a oportunity guys.


I vote yes for mofhh.


About the whatsapp group Im not in and dont know what happening and talking inv me.... :facepalm:

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