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  1. wen our boredom strikes this will happen hello to all
  2. merc still playing & ofc stalking girls as usual u shud log sometimes sis hihihi
  3. he still lurking in here (shitgay) staring page 33 as always maybe u crazyyy
  4. he will come back if "someone" (a her) will convince him its his weakness and for sure he wont say no to her clue: 8 4 13
  5. ur sig is sooooo gayyyyy verryyy gayyy :bad: :bad: :bad:
  6. adios xavi :give_rose: more bacon videos ;) interested? ;D
  7. awhhh u both read it too.. :give_rose: :give_rose: lets not ruin der excitement on the nxt ep den ;D ;D cant wait to see tyroin & hi father .... @gay shitzo u gay not watching/reading it
  8. s2 or s3 last ep :cray:
  9. @malek if u please elliot ;) for sure ull get majority of ABC's vote... goodluck on that malek ;D ;D
  10. :cray: :cray: :cray: jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i hate u
  11. then show to members how worthy u r to be part in this guild... AOA is a pro guild too :good: ;D
  12. he'll be resurrected ;) ;D
  13. if u'll be like that guy on ur profile pic...maybe u'll get in ;D
  14. Surenesss sis will love it... how many days ull stay? Hopefully not just couple of hrs...looking forward seeing u sis :give_rose:
  15. perfectly good...and will be more better coz soon summer
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