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  1. There are rules here and you can't skip someone's post.Also if you don't know what you say you can just say idk than answer his awesome post.
  2. Jk don't send them since it would be a little bit offensive lmao
  3. Message them lmao.Who was her ex anyway that uploaded it?
  4. Reedseeker do you still have information? What about her Porn Videos and who was her ex that spread it?
  5. DEPENDS! for each class xD. So in the First Age Morgoth ruled Beleriand for a time.Earendil goes to Valinor just to seek help about Morgoth's treachery.So the Valar agreed to help them and brought a huge host against Morgoth.The only Elves that didn't participate are the Teleri since the Noldor murdered their people years ago.The Valar and its mighty host defeated Morgoth in just 42 years? Why did it took long anyway and Morgoth created only millions of orcs unless if the orcs were billions they could have hold the Valar for 42 years but not just the orcs lmao there were others too like dragons and balrogs.Will Warspear get a story like this?
  6. Although i started this one its probably my fault but i am only doing this because i want to have a forum chatbox and i want to seek answers.Probably i know who will tell her.
  7. We really need more people to gossip more.Its so boring people not gossiping here.Although Keizsha still don't know we're gossiping her lmao.
  8. She's not playing LoL? She likes Mmorpg games. This case is still not complete! Sulla we need more information!
  9. I don't know.Because we are on different countries lmao.I am not RedSeeker Back to the Topic! Keizsha is currently playing a game i forgot the name but she has a lot of famous players from that game lmao.
  10. Legionn has been screaming for years lmao so Legionn!
  11. Also her location is Hell.Although we still don't know much what her intentions are.She knows a lot of reasons because she has a lot of puppets.
  12. Lol Sulla you are so right! How did you know this even though you had many spies too lmao. Also Nestly i doubt keizsha will return and comment this gossip thread lmao. So Keizsha did all of this just to get famous and to get a higher status lmao. So Merc was heartbroken lmao? So Pliskin dated her? XD
  13. Where is Ladygi? I demand answers!
  14. Where is she anyway... It's been months and i haven't seen her speak english lmao although because she's brazilian.Also who's the leader here anyway? Born retired because of obvious reasons.Ladygi disappeared out of nowhere.
  15. Why did they leave anyway? What happened to Ladygi anyway why she quit?
  16. Black Numenoreans What the hell? He's a stupid numenorean king! Why you mention him lmao.
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