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  1. What is dead may never die
  2. Sindy makes me . What's up?
  3. how's that pedo if Merc was something of that age too
  4. is that Merc's age target range or what
  5. she says the opposite on pm
  6. What's with the emo talks, where's my cool oldschool avatar and where's Sindy? I miss her
  7. Seriously, Cazapollos? R.I.P ABC ;D
  8. Merry Christmas c*nts and Sindy :give_rose: and all the others! p.s Merc i found a new video of yours
  9. why the f*ck is my name in pink
  10. Marcin exists no more. Good luck to all of you :friends:
  11. W zwiazku z tym ze nie gram juz niech ktos zacznie nowy temat. Mozecie wykorzystac stara liste [center][size=16pt][b]LISTA POLSKICH GRACZY MOUNTAIN CLANS I FORSAKEN[img]http://files.warspear-online.com/site_files/images/content/factions_classes/mount_clans.png[/img] [img]http://files.warspear-online.com/site_files/images/content/factions_classes/forsaken.png[/img]GRACZE [color=green]AKTYWNI[/color]:[/b][b] SERWER:[color=green] EU-EMERALD[/color][/b][/size][table][tr] [td][size=16pt]NICK [/size][/td][td][size=16pt]KLASA
  12. Finally recovered it. I'm done with this game ;)
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