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  1. A Salamander Type evolved creature, known for their ancient knowledge of protective spells, making its way through the crew to try be captain one day. Class: Heal (druid type) Skills: 1. Infinite stare Throw a spell on enemies in an specific area that paralize them for 2,5 seconds 2. Subaquatic hallo Create a hallo that protects the hero increasing his mgc/dmg def and decreasing mgc/dmg attack of targeted enemy. 3. Magic current Teleport close to hero when is under attack and put chains(like mage skill) in enemy in close area 4 Underwater mirror Use water around to create a mirror that reflecs an specific percentage of damage from the enemy. And here is a real axolotl, my favorite animal ever :D Nick Admiog Server Eu emerald
  2. Vamos Akashaaaaa queremos leer todos los cambios en español! No es que no sepa inglés, pero muchos no lo saben. Saludos y gracias!
  3. Gratz to winners I dnt like it either, but sadly we re not jury :D
  4. I cant like posts. Idk why, Cant even like the page. Anyone knows why?
  5. Why cant i vote? Fb page dont allow me to vote, and also, where is thatnecro costume? uuuuuuhh
  6. Man i may be mad but being sincere you were right.
  7. Sorry i got mad, man, but i was like waiting for a "its cool" "nice job", and all i got was you complaining. Next time try to be nicer. Its free and makes people feel good.
  8. yah man, the point is you are participating too and you are scare of loosing? Well man, thank you you made me loose my time, i will draw it by hand, thank you man, for making me loosing my time. Nice try. Dnt worry ill try my best in hand drawing.
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