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  1. Wewereallnoobs

    [2019.01.30] Best Costume Contest 2019

    I cant like posts. Idk why, Cant even like the page. Anyone knows why?
  2. Wewereallnoobs

    [2019.01.30] Best Costume Contest 2019

    Why cant i vote? Fb page dont allow me to vote, and also, where is thatnecro costume? uuuuuuhh
  3. Wewereallnoobs

    Piggy Piggy

    Man i may be mad but being sincere you were right.
  4. Wewereallnoobs

    Kire the Dark Knight

    Sorry i got mad, man, but i was like waiting for a "its cool" "nice job", and all i got was you complaining. Next time try to be nicer. Its free and makes people feel good.
  5. Wewereallnoobs

    Piggy Piggy

    Fixed, is not pixel art anymore
  6. Wewereallnoobs

    Kire the Dark Knight

    let me ask you something... is this costume 34x34?
  7. Wewereallnoobs

    Piggy Piggy

    yah man, the point is you are participating too and you are scare of loosing? Well man, thank you you made me loose my time, i will draw it by hand, thank you man, for making me loosing my time. Nice try. Dnt worry ill try my best in hand drawing.
  8. Wewereallnoobs

    Piggy Piggy

    it loose a lot when drop quality. I wanted to show the idea. What if someone drawed with a crayoon? how can he give the exact amount of pixels needed? Well i hope gms accept the idea anyway, cause not all of us are pro in drwing with pixels.
  9. Wewereallnoobs

    Piggy Piggy

    Or triple. Maybe next year will be. Is my first time i never used pixel art before
  10. Wewereallnoobs

    Divine Gatekeeper/ Unholy Gatekeeper

    Ummmm i think votes in fb are for the people s choice. You want first prize i think if you want it into the game!
  11. Wewereallnoobs

    Divine Gatekeeper/ Unholy Gatekeeper

    I want this to win!
  12. Wewereallnoobs

    Piggy Piggy

    Ill drop here different versions of this and my other attempts, but im participating with the piggy :D
  13. Wewereallnoobs

    Tithanos , The Punisher

    cool bro! Check out mine!