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  1. this is ........ Pffftttttttttttt. :facepalm:
  2. I try next time :D SORRY ~
  3. please guys ..let me join abc ..
  4. past is past ..i've changed
  5. haha..sorry for that..i only try my luck to join aoa because i know they would'nt invite me to guild.
  6. Hello guys..can i join this guild one more time???Please O:-) .u can invite my shaman ..
  7. marakov mine..derpin borrowed my necro.i have 2 id's.one for forsaken and the other one for mc.
  8. Guys,can i join now??im super active now..u can pm my warlock ,shaman ,rogue,barbarian, darkknight,necromancer ..Please ::)
  9. invite me to guild..i'm super active now..
  10. invite me to guild..i'm super active now..
  11. thanks :friends: i join back
  12. i changed my mind..i'll join this guild when i active..hahahaha :crazy:
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