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  1. lel if you watch closely wthout pot he would have won with 300+hp left still... get gud vla
  2. Spanish

    No comment!!!

    lel just get good bro
  3. It would make DK, Barb, Charmer and Warden harder to kill than they already are i dont think devs want lose more customers with all the complains those classes have already Charmer, Dk, Barb and Pala are way better than BD on PvP and they can benefit from those parry set as well
  4. I remember when they release arena for the first time, people on top was the one with best win ratio % and you earned more points beating people on higher ranks instead spamming. There was also no amplification system yet i think so it was most fair arena and most skilled +0 players were on top (I remember Sulla and Marcin) Now who ever amps and spams more gets it, and devs earn more money Nothing fix arena at this point, too many chinese afk botting 24h and politics/stabs every season.There is people making serious business selling chars etc they would bypass anything. Rather if devs focus on lvl 30 update before this game dies. You dont need arena rewards to kill anyone anyway
  5. Seems the "barb is weak" troll baits getting old, liked the dramatic title though, ill give you this purple trophy thing. Mages are just #1 class of their side at pve and pvp other than 1v1 some healers..
  6. All barbs that i know even some that are my friends brag about their class at all times even wc and its fine, is funny, but most would not say on forum because devs can read. Wich is fine also, but atleast dont be like "barbs are balanced" and stuff xd is like a bait that piss off people ._.
  7. Is not just the 7 yard chargue, is their 10s immunity to stuns, 2h barb doing more burst damage than rogue cuz defeat dumb damage, stone skin is probably best passive skill in game, last wish, their heal + power boost skill, shield strike+new skill etc, even roar is pretty op. Look, i joined the ws discord some time ago and i saw the barb real talk i mentioned in past. I cover name for respect but moderators like @Higgings know that this is the same guy some pages ago on this topic quote me and talked like barbs are balanced and pro class xd This topic is pretty good for other classes talk but i dont think barbarian have discussion at all, everyone know barbs need some kind of fix
  8. Warlock can just click the BD and simply use fear/circle and the BD wont touch him unless he is almost on melee range, so if even if BD resist one stun (5-10% at best) you kite back with blue pool anyway. If a BD invest too much on resist he will have lower resi and def and die too fast, warlock is a damager class with a lot dmg skills, and also can boost crit chance easy up to 50%, grimoire lowers def and mdef -75% etc. Warlocks would win in arena and PvP those potato bds Meanwhile if 2 barbarian meet 2 lock on 2v2, even if the warlock predict the 7 yard instant chargue using dark circle on himself, barb still can get 10 seconds immunity to all stuns... in 10s he can kill you 4 times dude xD
  9. Nice AI, almost as good as Siri.
  10. 163322 views seems legit, nice bots Gaymie Quitting again too boring and dead game. Jamie, Rafa, and Ani left have fun 🐸
  11. Who mentioned ranger? Changue topic because cant accept the truth xD as i said im done with baby barbs And now that you mention it, ranger lost like 80% dmg on traps PvP (-46%fero-20-30% penetration and base dmg lowered too, also - 30% crit, and you can block/parry/dodge them now), thats overnerf but its fine, barb wasnt overnerfed, nerfed or even balanced thats why we can talk about them right now. Also those clickbait yt videos were using PvE tanks vs full fero ranger. Barbs dieing instant? Last wish says hi... and im saying bye
  12. I backed up all i said and btw -All barb expert skill are usefull and powerful even at 1/4 unlike most BD expert skills, and you dont have to max 2 and leave rest 1/4, but even then those not lvled skills are worth it to have on hotkey. Some EU BD has all rare passive skillbooks, he replaced many expert skills for them and he do fine - 22s on defeat with 0% cd is a lot? How many times you want to use defeat without invest on cd stat dude xD you only have to use it once to kill someone, unless you fight another barb with last wish+ pots so you have to kill him twice 🙂 -I said at 4/4, 1/4 is 4s wich id already a lot if you ask me... -Yup those heal 60% pots are OP but even with them i saw them lose, thats how OP barbs are. And lets be real a set of those pots is expensive, the 2 mc guilds were selling them for like 10k when its real cost is 1500g (relics for 250k when their price is 20k...) now EU druids can get them because ela isnt greedy and many times doesnt even tax And look im done, everyone know how overpowered barbarian is just look russ section, facebook page etc, even most players using barb have no problem accepting it, its just these 2-4 guys on forum lieing and making them look weak. Yes lieing, when ela reported shaman totem without video that @aks said he tested the skill a lot and was working fine xD so ela had to make a video. Sweetie there is no point lieing since our loved developers of course know how op barbarian is (for years now) they probably didnt balance yet for not leave childhood traumas on all their youngest playerbase xD
  13. Not hypothesis since i saw it enough already and one of the guys is on the topic and knows it . Never said druids are weak PvP... they are one of best PvP class in game but barb,charmer and dk are just overall better than every other class It did yesterday 1700 to xtrinaxx, full +10 lvl 27 resi set, contender cloak and like 5k def with barskin. I pmed all EU druids and accepted they lose vs you sometimes even the ones with top gear Im agree BD damage is very high now and some players have OP chars but they do not have 7 yard gap closer, 10s immunity to stuns, last wish makes you a god for potting, stone skin is one of best defensive skills, fury is like a free HP pot with huge damage boost etc... BD doesnt have all that and a good warlock, hunter, ranger, druid, charmer, shaman, necro with worse gear can kite them and kill them even if they have some resist % I just saw other people defending barb that much that it triggered me because they were definitely not fair and really blind. Some of those barb mains even were saying seeker is OP PvP on other topic xd Im not complaining at all i first saw you last week and a friend we have in common that mains barb as well knows i respect you. Is also so funny to watch 2h barb one shot people xd All EU barbs just copy vla 😐 But barbs are overpowered thats true though
  14. +10 2h full dmg Barbarian hits 2000 to max amp resi druids just with a single skill "defeat" but chargue also does insane dmg and stuns for 4s, they will drop that 5k hp dont worry. Druid anti mele stuns? Barbarian nature 4/4 gives you 10s full immunity to all kind of stuns dude xD And 7 yard chargue >5 yard root Lmao you calling all EU druids stupid? Because ALL of them died atleast once vs +9 2h barb with bad rings and far worse gear than them... but ye.. stupid weaksauce elves for diein vs barb pity them af.. barbs are pro 😎 right If barb use fury expert skill that is like 1 HP potion + 15% power he should have top dmg i guess That BD had power pot + card, full castle buffs and priest aura. 2h +10 barb with all that + their own skill fury +15% power should surpass that number Is hard being devil's lawyer yall know deep inside how op barbs are
  15. Rogue is fine on PvP.... but im agree with stealth sight castle potions part
  16. That barb isnt even +10 or have good dmg rings... yet hits almost 2000 dmg with the skill "DEFEAT" to +10 full arena lvl 27 set druids with resilence skill, 250 dmg chop, kills awards druids in 1 chargue+2 hits etc... why play rogue when you can play 2h barb xD Everyone knows barbs are too OP for years no matter how you build them there is no discussion the drama is pointless
  17. For 1v1 unless they signal with hamstring or vs melee they not that good. Hamstring is 2 yards almost all classes have chance to kite them on arena. If ela, vava, pride, mari and 1-2 more delete acc bd wouldnt look that strong or annoying on EU but a potato My choices: Barbarian and mage. There are better classes for leveling up but once you there even if you newbie you can smash your keyboard randomly and win most 1v1s, can solo/group farm and great on wars. And if you find skilled +10 player on this classes is just lame. Nerf pls
  18. There is a game breaking bug with new AoE shaman expert skill, i posted on test server bug report section, sorry for being late i got to know today but i think it should be fixed ASAP even as a shaman myself
  19. Два ловушки повреждения, взрывчатые и замедляющие теперь наносят огромный урон для арены. Хуже всего то, что рыцарь смерти может вытащить вас сейчас с 7 ярдов при использовании точечного выстрела, для того, чтобы рейнджер бесполезен, требуется только один смертельный рывок. В последнее время Ranger получил слишком много nerfs, так как я перечисляю здесь: Кроме того, этот навык имеет более высокую продолжительность на живом сервере, чем тестовый сервер, поэтому кажется, что еще один нерф, а не бафф, я сообщаю завтра, если он останется Дезориентирующий выстрел: Изменена длительность эффекта на всех уровнях развития навыка. Было 1-1.8-2.6-3.4-4 секунды, стало 1.5-2-2.5-3.5-4.5 сек 
  20. What about Hunter then? whats your point. Yet Seeker is a melee class and probably worst pvp class 1v1, arena, war and castles.. they dont have a single stun or reliable defence. I hope developers dont listen to biased mods xD Look at hunter, 3 ranged crowd control skills (full stun, silence and area fear) and the new expert is the most dumb skill i ever saw on this game, probably a bug since people already reported it on russ forum. Without dodge gear (just one enchant on weapon) you will be maxed dodge 60% on a single arena fight or PvP also +30% resilence. Thats like x5 resilence skillbooks. With enough cd maybe you can cycle it
  21. Even if BD resist one stun most of those classes have another extra stun, if they have good net and react fast kiting they wont be touched, i mean hamstring is 2 yard range... I think developers should give BDs 5 yard or 7 yard hamstring at this point, i know it sounds crazy and every non tank would die in 3 hits but we already die in 4-5 hit vs barb, dk and charmer and they have more defense , healing, anti stun etc... we just used to their bs so it looks normal and its not Also in old times BD were always a toy class for many years like seriously a dummy, i heard when i quit at some point they were op with counter for few months but it got fixed because mcs cried. I would not mind seeing them strongest class even if i end hating and insulting them but they kinda deserve it. Also is funny like every ducking bd is full +10 developers should make their donators happy xd Yes you DK abuser Yes DK is harder to set up on arena than barb but still bs and one of best 1v1 classes. And im agree ranger counters them a bit denying their pull but unless you really collect all buff types and burst them in seconds before reserves heal them you will lose perma stunned. That would be impossible now with trap nerf and new dk expert anyway so not even buffs would save elves from that trinity classes. "b-but u guys have pala for seals" oh wait
  22. Pala didnt even need a single nerf, i mean they kinda buffed DK and barb with new expert lol There were not many good palas on EU now it will be dead class. @Lyzois rip your project ;.;.;.;
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