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[2017.01.31] Best Costume Contest 2017

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Warriors of Arinar!


We’re launching the contest for the best costume. :) Win 10 000 Miracle Coins and leave your mark in thousands-year-old history of our glorious lands!


It’s easy to take part in the contest:

  1. Create a topic in this forum section. Its title should be a name of your costume.
  2. In the topic you should describe the costume: How does it look like? What material is used to make it? What elements does it consist of?
  3. And, the most important one: add the drawing. Create only one original costume that’s relevant to Warspear Online world.

Make a drawing:

  • in any format: use paper, copybook, Photoshop, Paint or whatever;
  • in pixel style: the costume’s height should be 34-45 pixels (squares), width — no more than 24 pixels (squares);
  • in any perspective: but it’s enough to make a front view.

It’s forbidden to:

  • Make a full copy of existing superhero costumes, cinema and game heroes.
  • Change colors of costumes from Warspear Online. For example, paint White costume of Chosen green.
  • Use other’s and downloaded from the Internet artworks.

Meeting these rules helps you to become closer to the victory and motivates us to add the winning costume to the closest spring update!


We will evaluate each one for 3 criteria:

  • Quality of costume and description
  • Possibility to add the costume to the game            
  • Originality

What are the prizes?

  • 1st place: 10 000 Miracle Coins + adding the costume to the game and presenting it to the winner
  • 2nd place: 7 000 Miracle Coins
  • 3rd place: 5 000 Miracle Coins

Audience Choice Award: 3 500 Miracle Coins. There will also be encouraging prizes up to the decision of the jury.


When to take part in the contest and get prizes?


We are accepting artworks from 31st of January till 19th of February inclusive. From 20th till 26th of February you can vote for the best artwork on our Facebook page and based on your choice we will define the winner of Audience Choice Award. :) On the 27th of February we will announce winners of the contest and give prizes!


Create the best costume, become rich and famous person in Arinar!


Good luck!


[spoiler=P.S. A simple instruction on how to add pictures to your post]
1. Open website imgur.com
2. Press green button "New post"
3. Choose the picture from the files on your device
4. Wait for it to upload
5. Take the link with BBCode (Forums)
6. Copy it in your post


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Thank you for this contest! I am not sure if I should participate yet, but if I do, may I ask you some questions by writting you a personal message?^^ I don't want the others to know about my secret plans :D


God, you know how to arouse the interest. ;D

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"For any possible reason". That actually killed me :rofl:


I'm looking forward for this, but I fear that I'll have not much chances if my opponent will be Veraeuz. :blush:


*Tears appearing*


I'll do my BEST!! But a good work needs days to be planned.


We will see...

Edited by Higgings
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Err.. will this do?



Ehe, just kidding.

SIze exceeded, and first of all..

"Copyright Infringement" *laughs*


I'll probably join.

Most will hate me. *grins*


Apologies. *bows head*


Well, some may hate and some may be just motivated to try harder, which is not bad at all. :)

Anyway, looking forward to see the costumes of all participants!

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The idea is more important anyway. I can lend you a hand with the illustration if needed.

Thanks, but if I do it, then i must do it on my own. :)


By the way, anyone knows a Pixel APP for Android or PC? Wanna try it out^^

Edited by Dieinpeace
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Ermmm... I don't know, actually. I guess you may draw it as it is easier for you, and our artist will adapt it for the game, if you win.

i was thinking that.. maybe we upload almost a similar image of outfit in game.. and ur artist will modify to the game ofc.. cuz i dont know how to make it in very low pixel size..

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You wanna add costumes but I still don't see Vera's boss :(


Unfortunately, it's not so simple to add a boss to the game. It’s needed not only to draw it but also to make skills, mechanics and other things.


But costume is quite easy to draw, so it’s much easier to add it to the game. And we guarantee, that the winning costume will be added to the game in the upcoming update :)

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