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  1. Can we interchange the dimensions? So instead of height: 50 pixels, width: 30 , can we use height: 30 pixels, width: 50 ?
  2. Thanks. This guide was originally my idea. A bad post! No one else has provided this amount of detail on castle relics. Why such hostility?! Explain your words clearly man. I'm confused too lol
  3. Man you gave me a heart attack. Its still 50% at 4/4...
  4. OMG not how the agro is used on the UI client. Is the actual agro power/count weaker than before?
  5. Agro seems weaker now. Even with 5/5 and Agro relic I was losing agro at times where it never happened in the past. Was there any announcement of it getting nerfed (weaker agro)? Can you please link it?
  6. Sure thanks for the assurance! Ill be more patient. I was worked up because my priest setup is based all around my armistice.
  7. Admins or mods pls mark this as important! If changes were made atlease let us know about it. Also please make a separate thread to declare what bugs/issues from this thread were fixed. Thank you.
  8. BUG!!! My Priest armistice is 5/5. It lasts about 8s on regular adds but now that I noticed, it lasts only 5s on a red crown boss. WHY?! I'm a bit furious and disappointed. Why is it that other skills are affected or changed without any notice!? Everyones complaining about some or the other skill change. I hope no one screwed up the code for the old skills.
  9. Check the skill description... 1/4 = 15% of ur dmg 2/4 = 25% 3/4 = 35% 4/4 = 50%
  10. Both Stun and Rage animations do not work! Tested on Android and Windows Clients
  11. Both Stun and Rage animations do not work fyi. Ty happy to help!
  12. Anyone got values for pene for the new BD skill? Level wise mana cost and pene values will be appreciated. I missed to test it on the test server. Thanks!
  13. Mods can you please check this? Stun and Rage animations do not work. Tried both on Android and Windows PC client. I tested on my mage. I can test on my other toons too. Update: Confirmed on my warden. The stun and rage animations do not work!
  14. My test numbers for Summon Elemental from first test... Druid magic was 714. Details: 4 yd usage range, 22 mana cost, 30s cd 1/4 22 mana cost 15s duration 600hp 334 dmg on dummy 2/4 24 mana cost 20s 800hp 412 dmg on dummy 3/4 26 mana cost 25s 1110hp 491 dmg on dummy 4/4 28 mana cost 30s 1500hp 570 dmg on dummy Damage of the summon increases with skill level as well as caster magic. Hope it helps. Cheers!
  15. 1. Even if elves or mcs cry about nerfs and beg for buffs, in the end its the devs and the team that came up with the original skill ideas. So you gotta respect that and just deal with the final skill mechanics. 2. The game is more fun when you have to think outside the box to make your toons the best given the limitations of each class.
  16. my bad I quoted the wrong guy(replier) rather than the original poster. And f*ck you for being such an ass. No need to get hyped up. I never called you names.
  17. Let me explain the actual formula for final CD of any skill: Let your cd in % = X Let Y be the base CD of any skill in seconds. Let Z be the final CD of any skill in seconds. The formula goes like this: Z = (100 / (100 + X)) * Y Let's verify for resurrection and your case of CD: X = 34.3% Y = 360s Thus, Z = (100 / (100 + 34.3)) * 360 Z = (100 / 134.3) * 360 Z = (0.744) * 360 (Rounded to 3 decimals) Z = 267.84 Z = 267.9 (Rounded to 1 decimal) The final number may be off my a few decimals but this works 99.9% of the ti
  18. Nah then we lose all eth ess. I'd rather love for them to create special craft jobs where we can convert cats, ess or materials into any one of the other form of the same rarity level eg: pink ess to pink cats, etc...
  19. Thanks to this update, my 9-10 sets stock of ethereal essence is useless now. 🤢 They better bring some good quality craft accessories!!! At least ones equal to or better than arena % accessories.
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