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  1. Psyborg

    Ranger - Hail of Arrows broken!!!

    Hello, I want to report a bug in the Hail of Arrows expert skill of the ranger. I noticed that in CC hero dungeon this skill when used by my party member; ranger, gets BLOCKED by the adds. As per the skill description this is an impossible to avoid attack. Can some mod flag this as important? Thank you.
  2. Here's the story of my druid Omi. Chapter 1 - The journey: I started the game in 2011 during monsoon. Initially the game was a bit hard with less number of players very less friends but it was fun and challenging. Chapter 2 - The end of the beginning: I had reached around level 14-15 when I had to complete chainless league quests. With very little help from friends and too much resistance from the MCs for chainless I found the game too hard (lol). I stripped naked, sold everything I had and gave gold to my only friend in the game. I quit the game after that day. Chapter 3 - The comeback: Soon after a few months I felt like I made a mistake by quitting the game. I was following the forum and saw exciting events which soon lured me back to the game. I got back my account from support and funny enough I described to them that I was naked. 😄 with nothing in the bag lol. Chapter 4 - The redemption: With a lot of searching I found back my friend and told him my story. He was kind enough to support me to get me geared up and stronger. But I insisted to do it on my own. So the only way I saw to get my gear back was arena. I literally random spammed arena with a naked character and noob staff! That's where I found my slogan "Go naked Omi!" Slowly but surely I stacked arena points got back good gear and co-founded my guild KaOs. Chapter 5 - A new journey begins: As I kept playing, I found myself more and more addicted to the game. I began studying skills, studying game mechanics, tricks that would make me a good player. The rest is a mystery... Here I am now an experienced player with a lot of great adventures and memories. And look forward to more in the future. The End. THEN.... AND NOW.......
  3. Psyborg

    How do the craft/castle relics work?

    What do you mean permanent? If you mean on use then yes. These relics activate the buff when you use that particular skill with a 100% chance...
  4. Fun to watch Warden's hp dance like a beat
  5. Nice! Elfs take right 😅 Can do it in like 10mins easy...
  6. If you're an elf, its easy just get a decent Warden and one decent druid / good priest. Rest 3 dmg. At mini robots area and boss area try to kill off the robots to take load off warden or just stun/sleep/chain etc the robots if the warden is strong enuf. If you're on mc side, a strong DK or barbie with 2 healers, other 2 dmg. You'll have to hold adds at boss, else you risk 2 stam trying to kill robots. If you don't care about stams, just take a left route kill the adds that run around, so no adds at boss. But yeah you face the mini robots area twice this way. Either way you need a good tank. Not hard to find wardens / DK / barbies nowadays eh?
  7. He wants them to EXPLICITLY post on the release thread the start and end of event to the last second
  8. No worries bro. I understand you wanted to eliminate all other possibilities of errors. Thanks I really hope devs change castle relic mechanisms cause they are already so expensive and rare and worth more attention.
  9. And yes. The relic was used on a priest and warden was in the same party inside 3 yd radius. And here's my guide about group relics. I do know how they work.
  10. Yes brother. I am a hardcore tester. I used agro while on the relic buff. Basic healing skills not necessarily mean click and heal. Basic healing skills, rather basic skills are all the non expert skills that we get. So I believe warden agro should definitely benefit from that relic.
  11. Hi all. Relic of Exclusive Healing As per the relic description, it increases the basic healing skills effect by 20%. Wave of Aggression The warden's agro skill clearly says it restores 12% of the maximum health. I tested the agro skill with exclusive relic buff. But it did not heal any more than 12%. The heal relic should make the heal equal to 14.4% of the maximum health. Please support me and help get this fixed immediately. Already people are unhappy with this relic. Helps us make it a bit better. Thanks.
  12. Psyborg

    Buff and debuff symbols

    yup easy to figure out. cause you get ticks in the next area... elves get 10-12 cuz warden tanks 😄
  13. Hello, Can we make the Tlaskoe a trade chat area on both the town areas? Area requiring the trade chat attached. Only the lower area is trade chat enabled. The upper area which is more important since it has market and warehouse needs to have a trade chat but doesn't. It's very frustrating to switch between areas just to see trade chat and check market. Thank you.
  14. Everytime I went near faceless pyramid, I saw this guy farming filth adds. My guild mates and other friends have also confirmed about this guy. He has a fixed pattern of killing the adds. He goes to a fixed spot to evade extra adds. I tried to break the bot by using agro or stealing adds but he kept on attacking evaded adds. I even killed him with abys guards(lv35). He layed dead until auto revive and never came back for some time. Repeated the same cycle. Here's a screen shot of him lying dead after my friend killed him with abys adds. I request admins to take immediate action or check themselves.
  15. Why was it necessary to remove energy regen 😞 Higher levels require more mana. I would have been OK if you had replaced mana pool