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  1. Will the talents' bonuses/effects still be available after the horror event?
  2. Oh yeah forgot the gold!😅 Yes redeem back that as well.
  3. Agreed. But it is for the early grinders who may have invested their knowledge into some talent which now they want to use for something better. For example, take the new talent tree. Someone may have maxed their old tree, and now want to reset and utilise points from the old tree into the new tree. The 3skill-talent is rather expensive and worth the value. Would you rather grind knowledge points for another 2-3months or take away points from unnecessary talents and channel them to something useful?
  4. Much like resetting skills and getting back skill points, I am suggesting that the devs should allow the players to reset their talent tree via some consumable, and get back knowledge points. Sometimes we make wrong decisions or level up talents that are required at that time, but later on they become less important or useless (cap reached for a stat). Challenges to this suggestion: 1. Creating a consumable similar to book of oblivion. - Easy enough for devs, and maybe give each player a free consumable once they release it. And also make it available in mshop. 2. Redeeming knowledge points - There could be a case where the restored knowledge points exceed the maximum limit (75k as of today). Hence the reset action can store overflown knowledge points into consumable pots and send them as gift to the player (to avoid bag full scenario). And allow using the pot only if the current knowledge is below the limit. User caution and responsibility required. 3. Scope - This feature must cover the character talent tree and may also cover the underwater territory talent tree. Hope you like the suggestion and implement it in the next update or as soon as possible.
  5. Superb topic. Can you please update this post and add the books dropped from castle dungeons please?
  6. Truly said like a champ. PvP situations should not be an issue with this talent as aoe skills have limited player targets. And PvE is unregulated anyways. And on top of that earning 42K knowledge for this skill talent isn't easy. If ever devs decided to nerf it, I would suggest the % to be based on the skill level of Warden's Spirit.
  7. True it is missing a lot of newer relics and classes. Can devs make it available for editing publicly like wikipedia? Or can some admin take the responsibility to keep this post up-to-date?
  8. As per the new mystic mark skill mechanism, the target receives some magical damage after the debuff expires or another mystic mark debuff is applied. The problem is when the target is under armistice, the mystic mark does not do any damage! I feel this is an incorrect logic because armistice prevents the priest from attacking (directly) to the target. I believe mystic mark damage is indirect as it is time triggered in a way. The same can be proven by an example with armistice and tears. If the target is under armistice, we can still indirectly hit the target with tears (with some chance) if we attack another target. In this case the main target under armistice still receives tears damage. So I feel the devs should allow the mystic mark to do damage even if it is under the character's armistice debuff.
  9. Yes that's right. I wonder what will be our resultant mana regen when we go naked. Would it go to negative? Isn't anyone going to talk about this? 27 units?!
  10. Wondering, if it blocks passive heals the warden heals from blocks or heals from minions/skill minions, or even basic hp regen (5s tick), etc 1 point. And yes we all know your intentions... 🤣😅 Rhyms with ...
  11. Release post posted on Russian side. Still nothing here . https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/287032-20211028-обновление-warspear-online-101-мистерия-винетты-релиз/
  12. Event towers of fury rewards will only go to guilds of level 10 or more?! So any low level guilds who helped with the score wont get anything?!
  13. Does the chance of drop of the book, or costumes etc increase with an increase in the level of the Ice chest?
  14. Thanks. Yes the 38% makes sense to me. Which is fair considering the OPness of this relic. I did another test session lasting 5 stams (roughly 40-50mins) on the wheelchair boss only to see NO TRIGGER of the relic on him. But I would still love to hear from the devs about the chances of it working on dungeon bosses (yellow big crown) and raid bosses (red big crown). If it is cleared up that they will resist it always then that's fine. At least there will be some clarity. I can assure that this works on everything that is a red small crown and below in the enemy tier list. Of course the chance of it working on (say) Pirate captain (lv6 elf i1) is much more than working on (say) Rotten Ashud (t3 elf worm boss) which I did notice after testing. I would appreciate any more inputs from my fellow players. Thanks!
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