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Most annoying creatures?


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Just a usual off topic post,

So, which mobs u think are most annoying... M not talking about most dangerous, but most annoying..

For me,

1. Rats, easy to neglect, still can do annoying amount of damage when neglected.

2. Bats, just same as rats lolz.

3. Snakes, apparently snakes seem to dodge attacks and skills much more than other mobs (my experience) moreover, especially malachite snakes, they have higher health and defence than most of the mobs u counter early at ash coast.

4, willowisps and other forms, they are found in groups (too nearby each other if not enough to be called group) do high DMG, and those especially near the cave east of lamp riff are so much gathered together that they can easily kill u, (I have seen many players die there, thanks to my high parry) they easyly form a large enough group to crush u, (while a single one has no chance against u, that's why individuals are not dangerous).

What about u guys? What are most annoying mobs according to you?

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1. Mobs where you need to wait like 5 seconds after you kill them before you can loot, like those ugly things left to T2 in Ayvondil. :bad:


2. Mobs that survive with 1-10 HP, after attacking with 1 or 2 hits, so you gotta use a third -.- :blush:

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Those halloween monsters from 2012 (Dead brides?) that had over 800k hp and dealt 100k damage. Shit was real back then, even the Demonologist took 40-50 people quite some time to kill.

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When I was level 8, it was bears. At level 14 it was wyverns. They were as dangerous as anything in the swamps but I just hated the way they flapped their wings after roasting me to ashes. Last summer it was anything that would jump out of nowhere and kill me while I was trying to do some simple quests. Now it's anything that breaks my invisibility. And those that Dieinpeace mentioned: If you are dying, why can't I have your stuff immediately?!

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Allways the group of mobs that cluster around and share aggro. if one of them sees you, 4 will attack you.

Its just annoying and makes me paranoid.

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any mobs that dont drop the quest items you need...

There was a quest where I had to collect ogre heads,  about ten of them -- twenty ogres later I still needed one.

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