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  1. Hope this 10k+ character story is ok. I got inspired by the story even though I told myself i will limit it to 6k.
  2. Long time have passed since the White Wanderer created the world of Arinar, a lot were written through out the ages. A lot were also forgotten, trampled upon by the unstoppable march of time. Some were told but not believed, and some were changed for the good of the many. One of these so-called forgotten stories involves the Legendary Berengar, on an unknown feat upon landing the frozen shores of Godgorath. ****** They were all weary. The men soaked in rain, tears and sweat. It was the third storm that hit them on the ocean. They all lost hope except one and that was Berengar, the leader o
  3. Can I exceed 6000 chars? I'm 4000 characters in and I just reached the halfpoint of my story. I think I need to cut things.
  4. Should I make a continuation of a story or can I just make a new one?
  5. "Never trust anyone." It is a line from the forgotten warrior that was both betrayed by the Legion and the Sentinel. He was forgotten that no scriptures of him is found on the archives or Arinar. In his disappearance, the Betrayed Soul carved out an armor made from the blood of both the Legion's and the Sentinel's. He died crafting the armor by pouring his own blood in it. Some say the armor itself is curse that if you wear it the Betrayer's Soul will take over your body. Up until now no one has dared to wear it.
  6. What about if we can double tap a skill so we can use it directly on our character? For example: Healing skills and buff skills. Double tap it to use it on yourself. Also some aoe skills like Earthquake for shaman and Pool and Circle for warlock. This is useful when you are surrounded by mobs, just double tap it to cast it in your spot and ensure every mob next to you is hit. Because sometimes even if you cast in your character spot the delay/lag makes it miss the mobs attacking you. Im sure there are some skills in elf too that you can double tap to cast it on around your character. (I dont p
  7. IGN: Saicreed Server: US-Saphire On behalf of every member of our guild DeepImpact both past and present, Happy new year all!
  8. Nvm this post, miracurously I can now again sell again :) Merry happy new yr everyone *******
  9. I was transferred here in forums from the tech support page because they are on holiday(merry xmas i guess). Yeah I know it's against the rules to buy gold using real money from players but many others do it freely and they dont get punished. Now for the first time i tried to sell some and just a minute instantly I can no longer manipulate my inventory(sell, buy, transfer). I'm just asking what's the process I need to make to be free of this curse. I just bought mcoins after a long time and I cant enjoy the game without access to my gold and inventory even though I can still play the game(kill
  10. Gm can do the editing (--,) If they chose mine (T_T) Srsly im having a hard time drawing it up front so i just draw it from the easier side. Lol
  11. Spearshooter Scorpion Once upon a time, an elven engineer working under Langasard invented a magical weapon, it was called the "Spearshooter", a huge crossbow made from the wood of a magical tree from the forests of Melvendil. It magically produces huge arrows as big as a spear when you pull its strings, it means this weapon never runs out of ammunition. The weapon was intended for the invasion of Godgorath and if possible the destruction of Moraktar. The Langasard army made countless of them even cutting down the last standing magical tree of Melvendil. The elven elders warned the
  12. maybe this cc chest will also contain cc costumes from past events :)
  13. Wew... won third place thanks much guys. I really had a good feeling my story will place third and not first nor second idk why lol. I'm currently writing the continuation of my story "Memories of Irselnort". The story will take place in Ayvondil. It will tell Saicreed's tale of the foreign land and his tale of love about a certain woman. Oh and by the way all our stories are winners, not only us.
  14. I already thought of the continuation of my story. I think i'll post it fb after the judging.
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