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Greetings to all, and farewells


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Dear Everybody!


First of all, congratulations to all the winners of the Let's Play contest! Not seeing my name among the winners fills me with a little sadness, a few coins would have come handy to me as a complete FTP player :D Good job, Zeus, Julia and the others as well! Use your money wisely!

Now that the things turned out like this, it is time for me to say goodbye to the world of Arinar. Here I would like to say goodbye to some of my good fellows, and would like to explain why I decided this way.

Well. I must say Warspear Online is one of the best mobile games I have ever played with. Its graphics, the gameplay, the people, the ideas are awesome! I liked it so much, when I got the opportunity to travel to Germany and Italy last year, I was up until 2-3am, and I played Warspear Online everyday a bit. I liked the events also, although I had bad luck with them, they were still funny and entertaining. And the people I got to know here... 


I would like to say thanks to Huboycsabi, who became a friend of mine in game and we also met in real life. We played a lot together. he was the one, who literally introduced me the game. He explained everything I asked, and it was an epic work with a 50 character limit private chat :D Unfortunately he has quitted the game a long time ago.


Huskinhead, on elf Gintessne, who played the traitor in my video for the contest... To be honest, I don't even remember how we got to know each other, it was so long ago. Bro, you are an awesome guy, keep it up with being this cool! 


Julie aka Xbluebirdx is someone I got to know here on the forum. She was my first friend here. We unfortunately play on a different server, but sometimes I visit US-Sapphire and we chat a bit :D Farewell, Sis!


Veracuz brother. I heard you are barely online nowadays, have you quitted the game? How's our faceless poet? Will miss the long conversations we had :)


Roland, you are an epic-cool admin here, a worthy representator of your bosses. And you are really a funny dude!


Mecha Bro, and Xylia Sis, you are my ingame parents! You picked me up to your guild! You showed me the Lab, I got the opportunity to defeat Kronus, and you were good talking partners, too! Haven't seen you in a while, but hope one day you will also return!


Now... Why do I quit the game?


I will be fullly honest now. Everything is because Warspear Online has become fully profit orientated. Everyone knows that. Look at an ordinary FTP player of level 26, and then inspect a Dubai guy. The difference is so huge, it doesn't even worth to PVP or to go arena for instance, because it takes so many sleepless nights of farming mobs and then demanding arena fight to finally acquire an equipment that actually worth something. All because you get together with these guys. I don't know where is the problem, but the last weeks everyday I demanded arena, I got together with spamming gold asses. I lost a lot of fights, but I still barely got together with anyone I could match up with. And other people already have all new costumes, all new weapons from arena vendor, while I am left with almost nothing.


After you finally recieved an eliglibe piece of equipment, you still need to amplify it. Many of you may ask where is the money I got from Hassn for my suit of Elm, well.. 90% of it went for amping, and I still don't have everything maxed. The chance of positive amping is so low, and the Sign of Imperishability is so damn high priced. It cost me 800 000 gold only to max my mace. I didn't max all my stuff, I gave only little money to my brother, I didn't buy any costumes nor open hundreds of chests, but I have not a piece of gold from the 5 million left. The game just eats up money. Why did I try so hard to amplify? Because I have no chance of doing anything without highly amped equipment. Have everything maxed, have everything new, that's the law of the game.


It is very nice from you to implement new updates in the game regularly, that you colour the gameplay with constant events. But everything you do is only for the high level, for the rich. The Kronus update, the Elm update are only for the rich. You add so much new stuff that many get maxed in so short time... I am sorry guys, I just cannot keep up with this.


I posted a numerous of suggestions here on forum that helps the newbie or adds some cool feature to the game, but never received any official answer to them. And I am not alone. I barely see any officials' post in the suggestion menu. the new arena system was also only done, because so many people were demanding and complaining about the previous system, also after years of waiting. You guys are not opened for any new stuff, and you don't even let us help you. I would give all this year's events and updates for one update that finally FTP guys can also enjoy fully.


Let's admit, as a poor Middle European nobody guy I just cannot afford any paid content in the game, and without it I am really a nobody ingame, too. I am not from Dubai where 12+ men get $2000 monthly without doing anything. Playing with Warspear Online has become a struggle for me. It causes a huge addiction, but I am really tired of playing yet not being able to develop my characters normally. Back then I started playing with this game, because I hoped I found a game that I can finally enjoy playing. I don't want to farm long hours for little gold, I don't want to beg others for some stuff, I don't want to get destroyed in arena inmediately. I want to ENJOY the game. Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, I am not able to. 


I don't say there shouldn't be any payment opportunity in the Warspear Online, since that's the main income flow of the company. However, opportunity should stay opportunity, and not become a "pay or struggle" option. and THIS IS MY MAIN PROBLEM.


I am really sure these words of mine will just not interest anyone. Maybe not an official will read this. I am just sad that I had such hope and fun at the beginning, and now it completely died out. 


What I would like to ask you, dear Reader, if you read this topic and agree with any part of it, please show it by liking it. Maybe a huge number of them can call the attention of the Gods up there.


Thanks AIGRIND for this epic nearly three years, I hope I can ever return. But not now, that's sure.


Farewell! \(°o°;)



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That's too bad, maybe return in two years time when lvl30 finally arrives and ayvondil is complete. There would still be next day +10s but you can shorten the gap over time. This is a problem all f2p playes face, theres probably another way for these games to make profit but right now It's either in app purchases, ads or slowly die off.


As glad pointed out the forum's free, I think

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That time his equip would be more than over rated, i hate pointing this out, and the only way to go on is with the same way as always. Now im concentrating on my lv 14 a lot, the only class that might not be touched ( i hope ). I log in just to pvp nowadays and to help a dear friend of mime, im kinda busy irl too. I wish you the best mate.

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I feel sad to I read this, I believe you expressed the feelings of many players who can't afford to pay for the game. Being brazilian I know well what is "lack of opportunity" . And when you create a game in the global context that highlights the inequality, It hurts a lot. In Warspear there aren't ways to farm gold plus some crumbs and now even the towers were made more difficult for ordinary players (below +8 )  :unsure:


If no ordinary players there wouldnt be competition and therefore, the reason for the favored buying coins, I don't understand why they narrow the opportunities for ordinary players if It would encourage buyers to invest more in accounts +10 and it would still be possible other players +7..+8 do quests, dungeons, labyrinths, etc. 

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Aww! :( I always hate seeing friends leaving and although we didn't talk that much because of different servers etc. I still appreciate you a lot as friend and will miss you! Hopefully our ways will cross again, ingame or on forum, maybe real life? :D who knows :)

Take care Benjamin and good luck with everything!

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Hate to see that.

Stay safe :/ :)


When i read your post i realized that it wasnt of my bad management of money where about 200-300€ went. Because im pretty much still a fart. It was because it isnt enough. I do like new arena tho, you can spam and get op weapons for pvp, like that hammer or spear. Quite cheap for such a monstrous weapon.


But i would still have to amp it

If i would evenvet it

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You know, I was never complaining about how and what the game does. But.. all my friends left the game. Literally. I had my friend list absolutely full, and this year only 10 of them were online yet. I remained lonely with dailies ahead which I would complete gladly, but I just can't afford permanence potions to be able to stay on level 24. Not being able to do anything, I was floating between the quitting and the addicted state, and now I finally decided to leave. I have a guild with some cool guys, it is still not that cool as it was in the old times. I feel a little bit like in the Fiddler on The Roof musical, poor guys having fun and then they are forced leave their living place at the end. Wait... That musical takes places in Russia :D

If anybody is interested what am I going to do now:

First, I am searching for another game, perharps on PC?

Second, I am continuing to practice programming, which I aborted btw because of WS, now I continue it

Third, searching a summer job to get some cash and be able to fullfill my spare time that earlier was filled with WS.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

Good luck in real life, I hope everything turns out good for you:)

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Aw damn >.> hate to see u leave like this, but nobody stays forever in warspear as i see, even tho u only pmed me once but it was an amazing pm xD glad to know about u bro ermmm dnt do anything risky deleting ur character or something as some people said, go inactive than come when there is a zool update, if u were in sapphire u would have maybe joined us in guild we do many fun stuff unrelated to amp nor care about if someone is mcoiner, only alittle gp here n der :P

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Veracuz brother. I heard you are barely online nowadays, have you quitted the game? How's our faceless poet? Will miss the long conversations we had  :)

This lone skeleton is always somewhere in the darkness, watching.. vanishing.

Or maybe.. already on the light, as a blood guardian, in a different realm.


It crush my heart that I didn't say my proper farewell in game.. I never knew you were waiting.

Dear brother.. your words wound deeply, as deeper the Labyrinth's level.

You've said the same exact words my heart carries and my tongue fail to speak.


I'm sure our path will cross again sometime..

And aye, I will miss our conversations and the annoyance in the system severing our long-created chats, where our sentences sound stupid if not finished. *laughs*


May the road you walk right now leads you to good fortune, Benjamin, known as Tatelan, brave Berserker of the Mountain Clans. May the spirit of your proud ancestors protect you from harm and guide you to greatness..


Farewell. *salutes*



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