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Zeus Mr Warspear Beauty Contest Spring 2015

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OMG! :shok: so sexy :wub: ..... Marry me? ;D

omg : i thought u would never ask..

i dreamed about it u would ask me like this, each night thinking what to reply to you :3

meet me at nadir inside the tavern at mcoin sale reset when the sun is down i promise i wont suck ur blood.. much..

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so slimy...................

lel u jealous of me ^_^ as always aha yup yup


damn bro i was about to join the contest but nw i think im g0nna l0se :

its not about who wins :P its about participating in something fun, come on enter it will be fun :)


I like your simple idea of putting

The Paper on ur hand nice and Good luck

ty for noticing it ^^ i thought this is beauty contest not advertising contest :P why would we use a big banner
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