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    Table tennis and other sport, chess, computer graphic and playing with my brother as shaman and warlock or priest and druid.

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  1. When I saw this, first thing which got into my mind was: "Oh my! Full screen ?! "
  2. SoulThief

    What are the good parts of the game

    True friends. As for me... I like warspear the most when I play with brother.
  3. SoulThief

    [2015.07.28] There will be chests!

    That's just perfect!
  4. SoulThief

    Kronus Belly poradnik

  5. Można spytać ile masz life steal?
  6. Can't wait for some great updates...

  7. SoulThief


    Fajne nawet. Może trochę długie, ale da się oglądnąć. Fajnie czasem popatrzyć, co Hawk porabia.
  8. SoulThief

    Used elixir of permanence but i still got exp

    Serious problem ... Hope everything will be fixed.
  9. SoulThief


    Nie powinieneś tego tutaj pisać. Ale, co mi tam...
  10. SoulThief

    About mods

    Interesting suggestion. More importantly... What about those warning points? What will happen if I get for example one hundred?
  11. Happy that my boss was accepted in the end.

  12. SoulThief

    Create your boss!

    Disagree. R0land didn't choose his profile image without reason.
  13. SoulThief

    Create your boss!

    Nicely said. Loosing is art indeed.
  14. SoulThief

    Contest finalists. Discussion.

    I would vote for Vera Nocturna. It's kinda original and interesting. Anyway... Good luck to all of u.
  15. SoulThief

    R0land doesn't read his private messages?

    Sorry. I mean he has helped. Still have some problems with English when I write fast.