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  1. Inferno Kong were born out of the flames of the magical volcano and was summoned by the demons that gave him his strength and his evil nature, yet he have lived hidden for many years just watching how the world changes very fast these days and learning the human kind habbits and culture so that he can conquer it, after many years the infernal kong have left his shelter and invaded the jungles using his magical armor to protect his body and the blazing flames to slaughter his enemies, the infernal kong is very dangerous enemy for all peoples in irslenort and must be stopped...
  2. what do you mean lol? mages with 25% accu "without even accu on staff" are still very op and dope, mages can solo dgs and do high dps with or without the extra 25% accu i dont see why u are complaining? lol they will just might dodge when hitting a max dodge rogue nothing else
  3. why GM is always on elfs favor? you guys should really notice the difference of population between mcs and elf which is because that elfs have way more advantages than mcs already, but u are still buffing bds, paladins and rangers who are already overbuffed, seriously? that rework is gay already
  4. the drac's forsaken daughter has came to the battleground again ready to fulfill her blood lust, do you think it will be an easy enemy? no she can smell the blood in your vessels, she can smell the fear in your soul, she is always ready to leeche on you!!
  5. Good job guys and gz for all :) I was expecting u in the finalists at least higgings.. goodluck next time man
  6. Actually there are many classes that can win 1v2, specially healers. But i didn't mean 1v2 for PvP, i meant for pve, dk is quite useless against high number of mobs unlike warden who gets advantage of that. About the second part Glad I'm talking about that reservation is not OP at all, it doesn't make u a GOD, it can give u another life but u sacrifice ur main thing "stun" and the DMG also the life steal and block in order to make reservation "quite good" and it will not give u high def or dmg just another chance, so if u are not high amped already it will be pretty useless.
  7. See my other quotes, i have already talked about it, BD is not "sucking" now btw they are still great, still can kill me in 1 hamester "but cant kill me while pit in 1 hamster like before... That was ridiculous" , first step to balance the game again is to remove "the ferocity update" , they can leave the crystals but not ferocity on weapons and reduce the amount of "ferocity %" on one handed weapons, remove that solidity and give the resilience it's old description and job back! Why do i have to build many gears id im using only 1 char? And the drops rate sucks so bad. They should also i
  8. Sorry to say that but devs are not giving much effort on that game, or they don't really play it, i have played many other games and their devs act much faster "it doesn't take a year to fix some game codes and stop the bug"، plus the other most annoying thing is the screen glitch, where u stand in another place not the one u see urself at "which is most annoying for me when i stand beside an enemy and use panic! And sadly none panics :D" , i never eeen such a bug in any other online game which make me feel bad about the game i love and devs are not acting against that at all, "kronus dg is st
  9. Glad, man u are so funny so let's take it step by step, reservation skill is GOOD skill not OP that's as a first, second why do u think that devs will make reservation get halved during "fights"? Oh sorry for my stupid question i didnt get that DK cant get below 10% of his hp if he is not in fight "even if he ungear himself then use gear again lol", so why would they make it halved? Cmon man, and why u are talking about 1k healing reservation playere? Dont they use full health regn "sacrificing most of the life steal and with guild buffs + special shield" i guess he sacrificed alot for it whic
  10. Really those words comes out of ur mouth glad? Lol, first dk has only 2 stuns which are low accurate and easy to be dodged, second those stuns are much pretty useless against any bosses so it works only in 1v1 not even useful in 1v2 "no aoe stun" , third, if u want to cycle ur stun then u have to max sharp shadow and max blow of silence besides having at least 14%+ cdr, so u will sacrifice steel hurricane and reservation and saturation "the main tanking skills" so if u want to be a stunner in 1v1 u will have to be a paper "if u went in 1v2+ u are easily dead" besides magic dmg on dk is pretty
  11. Reminds me of the old bd's which were so broken and the devs havent changed it for a year or more ... 1 bd enter the city, use the counter attack, everyone attack him, everyone dies "long live the great BD" lol, a seeker with invisible skill and 3+ secs stun which dont break with dmg and with 2handed weapon and many dmg skills, is kinda ridiculous. Idk why devs like elves more but the game need to be balanced! Thanks
  12. I was going to paint the warspear logo on a building xD u can also have better creative logos like carving it on a tree or on a Spear .. etc.
  13. Goodluck kelvzs My chinese noob friend I'm wondering where sparta at now he would have loved ur picture so much
  14. Hey glad whats up bro? Havent seen ya for years xD , i guess it is about all, the beauty of logo and the personal beauty, so we just give it a shot!
  15. Indeed, Thank you benny, wish ya all the luck bro :)
  16. Haha, ya it took me a while to find one here too, finding the best location and timing to snap a photo Thank you :) wish u find better ideas soon :)
  17. Ppl were wondering what the hell are u doing man! And what is that warspear?! I answered kindly this is my good game and please dont step in what i have written
  18. Thanks sis *_* took me much time to get to the beach tho :D
  19. Hey guys, I decided to take a part in this contest, for fun and to encourage everyone. Here is my info: Name: necromummy Class: necro Lv: 28 Server: US-sapphire Some of u know me and some dont, but my greetings are for all. Wish the best for you all, :)
  20. Im interested about those new Classes, but do they worth the try?

  21. they just made counter strike like dk dark shield OMG guys cmon .. and GMS lied about new bd passive skill .. did u guys notice that it increase all other skills dmg not only basic atk ?? OMG WTF is going on ?? my def 3k and 18% resil and bd ham hit me 370 dmg =O WTF is wrong with yall devz *z*
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