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  1. Will the progress of castle buildings be untouchable by other guilds or all shared building so you can get them without building a thing?
  2. First mage to solo kronus dungeon It took 52minutes and around 2sets potions at boss itself
  3. Robin brar mage isnt weak at all I can beat many 800-900dmg rangers and high amp rogues
  4. I wanted to ask to gm about the chances of amplifying weapons Is it like to +1 100% to +2 90% to +3 80% to +4 70% to +5 60% to +6 50% to +7 40% to +8 30% to +9 20% to +10 10%? please reply if it is like this if its not post how it actually is please
  5. well shes a lady and she doesnt polute her mind with those
  6. animes suck dont hate me that doesnt mean that they r bad thats just my opinion lets talk aboout birds xD
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