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  1. Good for me I still have 1 slot to add expert skill just awaiting the update let's see what things gonna be added in the update that was no mentioned here
  2. Janier


    Hacer quest juntar todo y luego venderlo sale bien, toma tiempo pero se hacen ambas cosas a la vez a mi me sirve bastante
  3. Nothing good then, k ty with this I better buy the ethereal barrier, just wanted to have all dmg skills but meh don't seem so good
  4. Se escucha diferente y se ve diferente cuando se abre la app , me gustó mucho eso y la música da a recordar otros juegos del mismo tipo me gustó me gustó
  5. Death defying.. Who know something about it
  6. Only if I use skills or too with normal attacks? And also how much dmg do it in average and how much "tics" of damage... Too much questions I know
  7. I still don't know what's EXACTLY do the skill overload, I have a mage trying to make a pve build and I don't know what do this skill don't know if buy or not... Can someone explain it please
  8. It's 1 am my time, so it can be for 9 hours if they want jaja
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