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  1. Greetings to all citizens in Arinar..... Here is my entry for Warspear Online Beauty Contest 2017 Good luck for all participants :) Name: Calaquendi Character: Druid Realm: EU-Emerald
  2. Hello there, people of Arinar This is my entry for the contest. Good luck and have a nice day for all of you. Calaquendi/Druid/EU-Emerald
  3. hahahaha sis, thanks. u should have joined too, let me punch that guy
  4. Hahahahaa, ga tw knp mas, dr dlu demen aja duduk di rumput gtu wkwkwkwk Good luck jg buat maszbay, sweet couple nih sm mbak vivian, ihiw
  5. Hello everyone, This is my entry for the beauty contest, I'm thinking about adding some colours and flowers in this photo since it's "spring" Last but not least, i wish you all good luck and may your days filled with joy and blossoming flowers like the spring season.
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