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  1. Good for me I still have 1 slot to add expert skill just awaiting the update let's see what things gonna be added in the update that was no mentioned here
  2. Janier


    Hacer quest juntar todo y luego venderlo sale bien, toma tiempo pero se hacen ambas cosas a la vez a mi me sirve bastante
  3. Nothing good then, k ty with this I better buy the ethereal barrier, just wanted to have all dmg skills but meh don't seem so good
  4. Se escucha diferente y se ve diferente cuando se abre la app , me gustó mucho eso y la música da a recordar otros juegos del mismo tipo me gustó me gustó
  5. Death defying.. Who know something about it
  6. Only if I use skills or too with normal attacks? And also how much dmg do it in average and how much "tics" of damage... Too much questions I know
  7. I still don't know what's EXACTLY do the skill overload, I have a mage trying to make a pve build and I don't know what do this skill don't know if buy or not... Can someone explain it please
  8. It's 1 am my time, so it can be for 9 hours if they want jaja
  9. When I say pvp I mean on 1v1, skills are not for pvp 1v1 if try to say it
  10. When the game turns on a pvp-game I'll be agree with you, but oh no! This is not a pvp game cd op in dungeons and arena
  11. I have a question, Peter you said that SponsorPay will be available in the next Update but there are two, and still have not, they will be in this?
  12. Just saying because sometimes expect much of anything and is not what we expected, I do not mean to be bad either I hope you understand me ... And the Bag's true I can not take all the quest
  13. Yes, seems to be better than previous updates .. I'm anxious to see how it will be, I just hope not to disappoint
  14. Lo bueno es que ahora con esta nueva actualización se revive un poco el farm y labyrinth a la vez, ojala sea bueno
  15. Sure I was trying to attack but we was less than legion payers, if they wanted to attack us we surely lose.. But thx that they only like to defend it was a draw, I know a lot of legions were happy because the draw they don't know the bit of sentinels who joined the war
  16. Seems so good I hope to get some drops and sell them because bow I'm broke
  17. Empezar de 0 es muy difícil jaja y todos los que conozco están en us, me da pereza
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