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All Ready To Roll to the 18 Bracket wasnt ever gona stop in 14 but i did for a friend Come Janaury will be +8-10 18

Looking at this pic makes me sad because someone sold the equips I was gonna use at level 18 :
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Sounds Nice but why wasnt it in American Section?...

The brave warriors, Hello!
Well, inevitably it coming New Year, a magic time to fulfillment of all desires.
Here and in our desire to have Arinare come true, but what to do for this?
That's right, for that each of you, our players are cool, must do something much, much want ...
And write to us about it! But put it into a beautiful and intricate form, namely the form of verse.
So, right now in the comments of our group VC (https://vk.com/wall-23913955_158948) leave his verse with a wish
New Year's gift, a gift that can be any object of the game (the object must be real,
not be a prize for winning the season of the arena) and for 30 December, we will select ten lucky winners and presented them with the subject.
Please note that one party should be only one application.
In the comments to its poems do not forget to include the name of your character and the server on which it was created.
It was on this character will be sent a gift in case of victory.
All your wishes will come true in the new year, and we will begin to execute them.
All the success and good luck, my friends!
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They've probably caught on to our traditions, they're tired of arguing with the same idiots on the winners result topics in international forum. Wish i started off on russian forum :snorlax: 




every...single...time! No joke, check for yourself.






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Aww Noso I still can't log test server.

Either it's under maintenance or it keeps on connecting without logging. I can't even reach my profile :/

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