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  1. It means basically 100% cooldown = 50% less time i guess, because the speed of recharging is doubled.
  2. I didnt find another topic regarding arena skill bug. Although this one was a mistake, there is a bug that the guild arena skill sometimes does not work for all guild members. The skill is active, but some not for all members. Just relogging activates the skill in that case. Is this known? I wanted to post it in the topic regarding bug reports, but its closed atm. Ty for reading.
  3. Maybe the same bug yeah. It often happens to me that the arena points guild skill is not active on my char although its used. Just relogging activates it. And it is not just not shown, its not active for that char. Before relog you get no extra ap, although guild skill is active for other guild members.
  4. Thx for the statistics How do you count the participants of battles? Every char that is logged in on Irselnort at that time?
  5. When you are still really weak the pirates at good fame island seem to be a good farming spot in sentinel side. They drop a lot of items worth about 5 gold/kill if i remember correct, and they are fast and easy to kill. Plus these mobs have the chance to drop spheres II too.
  6. What really sucks is that i am now afraid to quest with my chars on the edge on leveling up I cant video tape every quest for prooving that im not lying if the pot doesnt work for some reason Sry for your loss dragon, but i think the only way to get leveled down by support is to tape everything and maybe repeat that bug at any point. Otherwise they wont be sure you dont lie and do nothing.
  7. Would be really cool to have npc armies attack border villages in irselnort (or small npc raid parties in the first islands) too. In the attacking side there could come a notification for the attack too, so these npc attacks are a perfect moment to attack as players too and maybe finish some quests in enemy territory "Legion army sightened in Camp Riff! Defend at all cost!" in elf side "To the arms legion soldiers! Camp Riff will be soon be in our hands!" in legion side for example
  8. Before update you could turn off notifications for entering/leaving friends. Now if you turn that off the notification still appears in the chat. Same goes for rare craft tasks. I tried to uncross the box as well as crossed the box to hide all. Is it supposed to be that way? Or is there any way to not see all these notifications in chat apart from ignoring complete info chat (then important infos cant be seen anymore either)?
  9. Its a great suggestion And people will buy more teleport scrolls in Miracle Shop Same boss spawns could be Hydra on first island of Norlant Swamps, Avenger (or the other bosses in Avenger Cave) in Nadir Or a big army of Werwolves/Cat people at the villages in new Ayvondil region
  10. Or third option: You have no idea what youre talking about again. Most classes have different base hp. Look up in ws database. Just quit ignoring all facts that ppl brought to you. Gladi even calculated some effects for you, and many dks showed their tanking abilities in tasks, that palas never could do.
  11. Well i did dgs about 500x. If you go that often and get nothing then you are the unluckiest person in the world.
  12. Omg i so hope new amor crafting tasks will use catalysts, not essences anymore. Because essences are unaffordable since accessoire cafting (20k ethereal essence in EU)
  13. Its no bug, drop rate just seems to be reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally low. Got about 25 drops in event, but not a single accessoire.
  14. Hmm or maybe a glitch or i just failed at calculating A friend of mine and me equipped the same gear (both pala) with the only difference that he had one set hp bonus kronus more than me (with guild defence about 300). And he had more hp than me, although i had arena bonus (was about 5.1k vs 5.2k hp)
  15. btw did you know the base hp of tanks? At lvl 26 for example: Barb: 2633 (+4% race bonus = 2738) DK: 2633 BD: 2633 Pala: 2349
  16. Maybe the % gear wont be that strong. In Aura of gladiator for example they add 10% to hp. But it appears they mean 10% of base hp (without any gear equipped). Maybe this 15% are meant the same way - then that gear is not very op. It will be about as good as a set bonus.
  17. Hmm for a lvl 26 tank with hp rings and one hp armor set 2 additional 15% armor items would give about 600 hp each (+/- a bit depending on tank class) if the % is not based on base hp like aura of gladiator If thats the case the new items are really really really strong. Like an integrated set bonus in each item (or 2).
  18. Sadly will % health increase the gap between low hp and high hp classes. Once again bladedancers with astonishing base hp win Hmm... i wonder if rare crafting shields get the % bonus too (new weapon craft tasks in preview *-*). Maybe anyone uses the craft shields then Eager to see all the new items (*-*)
  19. At this point I consider mailli either a troll or completely delusional. Go make a pala and see its glorious pve abilites Pala is for pvp in parties and pve as support-tank-hybrid (not really good in any of those)
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