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  1. There is one, but almost nobody use it. I Just left it maybe few weeks ago. But making a new one with active people is good idea.
  2. Another 2 players - Xveigarx and Elektryk. I suggest to change Hydras quest mechanics. Bait should open the gate to place where Hydra is living all time and respawn like other bosses.
  3. I tried kill 1kk hp Hydra with bd 1400 dmg, mage 500 and ranger 500 and still Hydra dissappeared with 200k HP left...
  4. I'm +9 +10 bd lvl 24 with 1,4k base dmg and all i can reach is about 300k Hydras HP.
  5. Hello, i think that swamp Hydra has too much HP or time when Hydra reset is too short. Weak party can't kill it because Hydra dissappeared too quick. I try to kill Hydra solo and I have the same problem. Need high speed attack to do this alone. My suggestion is to remove Hydra reset time when its attacked.
  6. Shaman is not only good healing class but also does a lot of damage with totem. I think shaman needs nerf.
  7. Aura of fire do much less damage than paladins banner so i think it doesnt need nerf.
  8. Hard to find player who dont want any valuables for his help. Doing the lab now its 90% paid. If you dont pay, u dont Have enough good party to complete all bosses in Old lab. If you have quite good pt to do all lab, 2nd op party will steal your boss, even if you wait for respawn and was there first. Thats the reality. Im helping to other players too, but im not enough strong to help all.
  9. Fully agree. It's really destroy fun from game.
  10. Buy heavy gloves level 20 with deff and penetration bonus. Pm elf side - Danteepl Hocus
  11. Buy: - Spring staff level 20 or Staff with life stealth lvl 20 - Vamp rune Eu Sentinels - pm Danteepl
  12. Only i Have problem with test server? It turns in red color and cant get to server.
  13. Buy Ice Queens Ring lvl 15 or 20. Pm me EU Sentinels - Danteepl
  14. How its possible? I came there and I spotted only Warden.
  15. Hi, is anyone still has connection problem? I cant enter the game since more than 2 weeks. Even one time i didnt enter... What can I do now? 😞
  16. Abraxass

    Small UI

    Hello, i have problem with setting up small ui option. Simply it doesnt work. Im playing on Samsung Galaxy S8 android 9.0. My game is on non small ui option now and I can't change that.
  17. I think it will be repaired when event ends...
  18. Hi, today i bought New Phone Samsung Galaxy S8 which has higher screen resolution than my previous Phone (Xperia Z3). Everything on screen in too big now, Small UI option doesnt work. Is there any other Way to change game resolution on phone? In past resolution changed on bigger phones automaticaly. Will be nice to see top and bottom edge of playing area in same time ;)
  19. Abraxass

    Troll mage

    Hello, mage named Sidmage is a arena troll. He demand random arena fights and then doesnt move. I play with him for 1 hour with my 3 chars... Always the same. Please do something with him, because he crush fun from playing Ws...
  20. Should i complete all quest on 1st map again?
  21. Worked 2 mins. Is it really offline right now or its Just mine problem?
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