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  1. a blinded person without hands and brain would do a better job than these actual ''mods''
  2. na, you just got banned by swaaz one time and it wasn't fair so one of those mods ''probably roland'' just canceled the bann.
  3. so you want me to stop complaining just cuz it was a simpled mute....give them ur hand and they will take ur whole body. now it is just a simple mute for no reason,but tomorrow can be a perm banned for no reason.those nazi mods should be removed and add better ones, as i told to roland,there a lot of players applying for mod 100% better than the actual ones.
  4. looooool, the happiest day of my life :v :v :v
  5. for those who don't want to see us discussing something that wasn't fair,you guys can leave the topic, we won't miss you,thats for sure
  6. i didn't say you muted a person,I just said that you're acting like if you wouldn't complain as maili is doing cuz some nazi mod muted for no reason.
  7. You're acting like if you wouldn't do the same if someone mute you for no reason, lets be real .-.
  8. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nazi+mod
  9. I'm not even complaining cuz i got muted, idc about it, im complaining cuz they muted maili for no f...... reason.
  10. never blame any of things you guys do in game,i have never had problems in game and I've been playing this game since 2010,and i wouldn't change it for other one,but we have to admit that the way these nazi mods are acting isnt fair.
  11. ikd if you will believe me,but on friday night she also asked me to lend her my account after all the shit she told me a few months ago cuz of the ''ryder's ex gf show me her...'' (if you know what i mean ), I said not and ignored her,then she pmed me with naminay and told me to kill myself then i ignored her again and all of her chars.
  12. Just remove her as mod,There are many ppl with good qualities here http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/24334-applications-for-moderator-positions/
  13. muted,banned is the same,he can't do anything on forum for days. He didn't say badwords,he didn't offend livy,he didn't offend you or broke a rule on forum,he got banned just because you wanted to. duck roland,duck snorlax,duck you too and duck every nazi mod on forum,yes,i hope i get banned cuz of that.
  14. WTF? he didn't brake any rule %) now im scared, ppl are getting banned for commenting on forum swazz is back with a female account on forum Nazi mods everywhere... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nazi+mod
  15. I don't wanted to say this,but i have to...... Guys im selling popcorns for this new drama coming. just 5$
  16. Ya i remember you,but if you want to see a lot of ppl you should wait till the next war
  17. I think it depends because failing that skill so much isnt normal.
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